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It’s been ordered to pay $149,000 in unpaid wages and damages

One of the Pacific Northwest’s most acclaimed fine dining destinations will no longer be able to lean on unpaid labor. The Willows Inn, located on Washington State’s Lummi Island, has been ordered to cough up $149,000 in unpaid wages and damages to 19 kitchen employees following a Department of Labor investigation, the Seattle Times reports.

The DOL found that the restaurant “illegally required entry-level kitchen staff to work a one-month trial period for free, then for wages as low as $50 a day for up to 14-hour days, with no overtime,” according to the Times. Last year the Willows Inn snagged a Beard Award for Best Chef: Northwest for chef Blaine Wetzel and was named one of Eater’s Best Restaurants in America. Dinner at the restaurant, which is a brief ferry ride from Seattle and also includes a small boutique hotel for overnight stays, runs $195 per person before tax, tip, and wine.

Ambitious young cooks frequently work unpaid stints at acclaimed restaurants in order to gain valuable experience, network, and pad their resumes; as Matt Tripp wrote for Eater in 2015, “Stages are the hallmark of fine-dining restaurants: a Michelin-starred restaurant will most likely have at least one stage in its kitchen on any given night, and many of America's best restaurants have an ever-changing roster of stages constantly passing through the kitchen doors.” But though the practice of staging may be widespread, in the U.S. it’s technically illegal for restaurants to put people to work without paying them.

The Willows Inn’s website still includes information on the restaurant’s internship program, though it does not specify whether interns are paid or not. Reached for comment via email, the restaurant provided the following statement:

We operated a stage and internship program that allowed young chefs to stage in our kitchen to gain work experience. These were passionate individuals who sought us out for the opportunity to stage at the Willows Inn. All were volunteering chefs, some were compensated in variety of ways including daily rate and lodging. Once we were informed by the Department of Labor that the practice of staging was illegal we ended the program immediately.

While the ethics and legality of using unpaid stagiaire labor have been heavily debated in recent years, many of the world’s highest-echelon restaurants depend on it: Writing for Eater back in April, Corey Mintz argued that many of the restaurants on the hallowed but controversial World’s 50 Best list would simply not be able to function without stages eager to work for no pay. At least here in the U.S., it seems inevitable that more restaurants will be facing labor crackdowns like the one at The Willows Inn, and what exactly that will mean for the fine dining world will remain to be seen.

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SA presscon ng Haplos mamaya, tiyak na matatanong na naman sina Rocco Nacino at Sanya Lopez sa status ng kanilang relasyon. Hindi nagsasawa ang press people na kumustahin ang dalawa kung nag-level-up na ba ang kanilang love team relationship.

Rocco at Sanya copy

Hindi rin nagsasawa sina Rocco at Sanya sa pagsasabing sa ngayon, mas magandang magka-love team at magkatrabaho muna sila bago maging magkasintahan, kung matutuloy man sila roon. Walang hassle ang ganoong relasyon at samahan pa ng pagiging magkaibigan.

Masaya ang dalawa na muli silang pinagtambal ng GMA-7 at hindi lang para sa pangkabuhayan nila ang Haplos, para rin ito sa kanilang fans na nabuo nang pagtambalin sila sa Encantadia. Marami ang nag-request ng follow-up project at ito na nga ‘yun.

“I’m happy that I’m working with Sanya again. I’ve always told her that I’ll be behind her, para tulungan siya.

There’s a lot of pressure on her side since nabigyan siya ng break and being a newcomer, it’s double the pressure for her,” sabi ni Rocco.

Sa July 10 ang pilot ng Haplos, papalit sa D’ Originals sa direction ni Gil Tejada na subok na ang husay sa pagdidirehe ng drama.

Kabilang sa kasama sa cast si Celia Rodriguezna for sure, na-pressure si Sanya. Narito rin siEmilio Garcia na pumalit sa kay Tonton Gutierrez. Hindi natuloy si Tonton kahit dumalo sa storycon dahil nalamang nasa cast siya ng The Promise of Forever ng ABS-CBN na sabi, sa afternoon slot ilalagay. Baka nga naman magkasabay ang airing ng dalawang show at ito ang iniwasan ng GMA-7.

Source: Balita
Captain Megan Couto has become the first female infantry officer to command the elite troops protecting the queen at Buckingham Palace: All change at the Guard: Captain Megan Couto has become the first female infantry officer to command the elite troops protecting the queen at Buckingham Palace © Provided by AFP All change at the Guard: Captain Megan Couto has become the first female infantry officer to command the elite troops protecting the queen at Buckingham Palace

Captain Megan Couto became the first female infantry officer to command the troops protecting Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, as a Canadian battalion took over guard duties on Monday.

Based in the central province of Manitoba, The Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry has been invited to Britain to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of modern Canada.

Queen Elizabeth is the head of state of Britain, Canada and 14 other realms including Australia, Jamaica and New Zealand.

Couto, 24, has been given the prestigious role of Captain of The Queen's Guard, responsible for guarding the London palace.

"I'm just focusing on doing my job as best I can and staying humble. Any of my peers would be absolutely delighted to be Captain of The Queen's Guard and I'm equally honoured," she said.

Carrying her sword and wearing a scarlet tunic and white Wolseley helmet, Couto marched her troops to Buckingham Palace from the nearby Wellington Barracks in the historic and colourful ceremony.

The changing of the guard, conducted on four days a week, draws thousands of tourists to Buckingham Palace and Monday was no exception, with large crowds outside the gates in summer sunshine.

"I'm not feeling too nervous," Couto said beforehand.

"We've practised enough and all the guys have been through their paces -- I've just to focus on saying the right commands.

"Princess Patricia was granddaughter to queen Victoria and born in Buckingham Palace (in 1886), so it seems to be appropriate for us to be guarding her childhood home."

Elite soldiers have protected the monarch since King Henry VII established the Sovereign's Bodyguard in 1509.

The British Army initially said Couto was the first female officer to captain The Queen's Guard, but later corrected this to say she was the first female infantry officer, the role having been performed by non-infantry female officers before.

It blamed the slip-up on "over-enthusiasm".

The Vatican has expressed "grave concerns" for one of its bishops who was detained after being "forcibly removed" from his diocese in China.

Chinese Catholic bishop Peter Shao Zhumin was seized by authorities in May, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke said.

The cleric's family has been given no information on the reasons for his removal or his current whereabouts.

Relations between the Vatican and China have been strained by disputes over who can appoint bishops in the country.

Mr Burke said he was "profoundly saddened" by the situation involving the detention of a bishop from his diocese in Wenzhou, in China's southeastern Zhejiang province.

He said the incident was detrimental to efforts to reach an understanding with the Chinese authorities on the status of the Church in the communist state.

"The Holy See hopes that Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin may return as soon as possible to his diocese and that he be allowed to carry out his ministry in peace," Mr Burke said.

A Chinese Catholic deacon holds a bible at the Palm Sunday Mass during the Easter Holy Week, 19 April 9 2017: China's Roman Catholics are hopeful that relations between the country and the Vatican will improve © Getty Images China's Roman Catholics are hopeful that relations between the country and the Vatican will improve

Catholics who have been seeking news of the bishop fear that he may be being pressured by the authorities to pledge his allegiance to the Communist Party instead of the Vatican.

The news comes amid recent reports that the Vatican and Beijing are drawing closer to reaching an historic agreement governing the selection of bishops for 10 million Chinese Roman Catholics.

There are currently about 100 Catholic bishops in China, with some approved by Beijing, some approved by the Vatican and, informally, many now approved by both.

An agreement between the Chinese government and Pope Francis on who has the authority to appoint bishops in the country would be a positive step towards re-establishing diplomatic relations between China and the Vatican.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (standing) hands President Donald Trump a note at a Gulf Co-operation Council summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (21 May 2017): US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump attended May's GCC summit © Reuters US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and President Donald Trump attended May's GCC summit

An influential US senator has said he will withhold consent for arms sales to Gulf Arab states until there is a "path forward" to resolving the Qatar crisis.

Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee, warned that efforts to fight so-called Islamic State and counter Iran were being hurt.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut air, sea and land links with Qatar three weeks ago.

They accused Qatar of aiding terrorist groups and Iran - charges it denied.

On Friday, the emirate was presented with a 13-point list of demands to end the crisis that included shutting down the Al Jazeera news network, cutting ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and curbing diplomatic relations with Iran.

A government spokesman in Doha said the list confirmed that "the illegal blockade has nothing to do with combating terrorism - it is about limiting Qatar's sovereignty, and outsourcing our foreign policy".

The restrictions have caused turmoil in the oil- and gas-rich nation, which is dependent on imports to meet the basic needs of its population of 2.7 million.

President Donald Trump initially expressed his support for the actions taken against Qatar despite it hosting the largest US military base in the Middle East.

But his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, acknowledged on Sunday that some of the demands issued by its neighbours would "be very difficult to meet" and called for "dialogue leading to resolution".

In a letter sent to Mr Tillerson on Monday, Mr Corker said he had been pleased with Mr Trump's recent trip to Saudi Arabia, where he attended a summit of the Gulf Co-operation Council.

The Republican noted that the president had agreed with the GCC's six member states, including Qatar, to "ease regional conflicts" and establish "deeper security co-operation".

"Unfortunately, the GCC did not take advantage of the summit and instead chose to devolve into conflict," he added.

"All countries in the region need to do more to combat terrorism, but recent disputes among the GCC countries only serve to hurt efforts to fight [IS] and counter Iran."

Republican Senator Bob Corker speaks to reporters in the US Capitol on 6 June 2017: Bob Corker said Gulf Co-operation Council states had chosen to

Bob Corker said Gulf Co-operation Council states had chosen to "devolve into conflict"


"For these reasons, before we provide any further clearances during the informal review period on sales of lethal military equipment to the GCC states, we need a better understanding of the path to resolve the current dispute and reunify the GCC."

Under US law, Congress must be formally notified 30 days before the sale of any weapons to foreign governments, giving lawmakers time to block it if they object.

Last month, a resolution seeking to stop the sale of about $500m (£393m) of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia for use in the Yemen conflict - part of a $110bn (£86bn) arms deal negotiated by Mr Trump in Riyadh - was only narrowly defeated in the Senate by 53 votes to 47.

Trump said the US Supreme Court's ruling © Provided by AFP Trump said the US Supreme Court's ruling "allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective"

The US Supreme Court on Monday partially reinstated Donald Trump's controversial travel ban targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim countries, prompting the president to claim a victory for national security.

The court said it would examine the case in full in October but said the ban could now be enforced for travelers from the targeted countries "who lack any bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States."

The court tempered its ruling by saying the ban could not be implemented for now against people who have personal links to the US, citing the examples of foreign nationals wishing to visit family or students accepted to attend university.

But the Supreme Court's decision nonetheless marks a win for the Republican leader, who has insisted the ban is necessary for national security, despite criticism that it singles out Muslims in violation of the US constitution.

Trump had suffered a series of judicial defeats over the ban, with two federal appeals courts maintaining injunctions on it by arguing that his executive order discriminated against travelers based on their nationality.

Reacting to Monday's ruling, Trump said he felt vindicated by what he called "a clear victory for our national security."

"It allows the travel suspension for the six terror-prone countries and the refugee suspension to become largely effective," he said in a statement.

"As president, I cannot allow people into our country who want to do us harm."

- Middle course -

But opponents welcomed the fact that the court had tempered the reach of the ban, as well as the prospect of the case being heard in the fall.

US President Donald Trump has insisted that a travel ban is necessary for national security, despite criticism that it singles out Muslims in violation of the US constitution © Provided by AFP US President Donald Trump has insisted that a travel ban is necessary for national security, despite criticism that it singles out Muslims in violation of the US constitution

David Cole, national legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the ruling's impact would be limited and the real crunch would come in October.

The judges "essentially adopted a middle course" between the government's request to uphold Trump's order and the ACLU's appeals to stay the ban, he told AFP.

"The court went out of its way to not tip its hand as to how it will rule on the ultimate issue, which is whether the president has the power to do this."

The New York Immigration Coalition, another fierce opponent, said the ruling created more confusion by referring to 'bona fide relationship' which "agencies and individuals will struggle to make sense of."

Trump's revised measure, announced in March, seeks to bar from US entry travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days, as well as suspend the entry of refugees for 120 days.

The original measure, issued by executive order in January and almost immediately blocked by the courts, also included Iraq and an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees.

Earlier this month, Trump said in a presidential memorandum that the travel ban could be expected to go into effect within 72 hours of relevant court rulings.

But rights groups said they did not expect any chaos at airports, as was seen when the first executive order was put in place.

- Discrimination -

In an ruling earlier this month, the three justices of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said that "immigration, even for the president, is not a one-person show."

The Supreme Court narrowed the scope of the injunctions on the ban, saying the government could enforce its measure against "foreign nationals unconnected to the United States" without causing injury to the parties who filed suit.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the administration was confident that it would prevail when the nation's top judges hear the case in full.

"Groups like ISIS (the Islamic State group) and Al-Qaeda seek to sow chaos and destruction in our country, and often operate from war-torn and failed countries," he said.

"It is crucial that we properly vet those seeking to come to America from these locations, and failing to do so puts us all in danger."

The countries targeted were on a list drawn up by Barack Obama's government of places whose authorities had very poor data on their own citizens, making it difficult to vet the identities of visa applicants.

While the ban itself did not single out Muslims, judges in lower courts had cited Trump's repeated statements during last year's presidential race that he intended to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

- 'Extreme vetting' -

After the initial legal setback for the ban, the White House slightly revised the order to try to address concerns raised in the courts, but the second measure also was shot down.

Even without the ban in place, arrivals from the six countries has dropped sharply, in part due to the "extreme vetting" approach of US authorities, toughening their scrutiny of visa applicants.

Arrivals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen were down by nearly half in March and April from a year ago -- 6,372 for the two months compared to 12,100 in 2016, according to recent official data.

A leading Israeli Jewish group has cancelled a gala dinner with Israel's PM after his government froze plans to upgrade a mixed-gender area for prayer at Jerusalem's Western Wall.

The board of the Jewish Agency, which facilitates Jewish immigration to Israel, said it "deplored" the move.

It also rebuked ministers for backing a controversial conversions law.

Both decisions were taken in response to pressure from ultra-Orthodox parties in Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem (25 June 2017): Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2016 that he wanted © Reuters Benjamin Netanyahu said in 2016 that he wanted "one wall for one people"

The Western Wall is a remnant of the retaining wall of the mount on which the biblical Jewish temples once stood, and is one of the most sacred sites in Judaism.

Every year, millions of Jews from all over the world visit the wall to pray. It is administered by the Orthodox rabbinate and, in accordance with Orthodox tradition, men and women must pray in separate areas.

For years the more liberal Reform and Conservative movements, which have large followings outside Israel, campaigned for a mixed-gender prayer space.

Since 2013, a temporary prayer area for mixed worship was opened at the southern end of the wall and in 2016, Mr Netanyahu's cabinet voted in favour of plans to upgrade it.

But after two ultra-Orthodox parties in the coalition raised objections to the plans, ministers voted at a meeting on Sunday to suspend their implementation.

The parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, said the decision reflected "the will of most of the nation that seeks to safeguard the Western Wall's sanctity and status".

Jewish worshippers gather at the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City on 13 April 2017: Ultra-Orthodox parties said they wanted to safeguard the Western Wall's © Reuters Ultra-Orthodox parties said they wanted to safeguard the Western Wall's "sanctity and status" Later, a ministerial committee also voted to advance a bill that would grant the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate a monopoly over Jewish conversion in Israel.

Under the proposed legislation, the state would no longer be able to recognise conversions carried out by independent Orthodox rabbinical courts and would be prevented from recognising non-Orthodox conversions in the future. Critics said it could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

File photo taken on 16 May 2017 showing Jewish women praying at the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem: Women and men must pray in separate areas at the main section of the Western Wall © AFP Women and men must pray in separate areas at the main section of the Western Wall

On Monday morning, the Jewish Agency's board of governors announced that it had cancelled a scheduled dinner with Mr Netanyahu in light of both decisions.

The board later passed a resolution warning that the "dangerous and damaging steps" had a "deep potential to divide the Jewish people".

"We call upon the government of Israel to understand the gravity of its steps and reverse its course of action accordingly," it added.

The United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York said the Israeli government's actions "would destroy the fundamental principle that Israel, our Jewish homeland, is a place where all Jews can and must feel at home".

Women of the Wall (WOW), a liberal group that campaigns for the right of women to perform the same prayer rituals as Orthodox men there, said Sunday had been a "terrible day for women in Israel" and accused Mr Netanyahu of "kow-towing to a handful of religious extremists".

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump are holding their first face-to-face meeting.

Trade and security issues are expected to top the agenda for their talks at the White House, after which they are due to issue joint statements.

In a tweet, Mr Trump described Mr Modi as a "true friend".

Mr Modi earlier met the heads of 20 US companies, including Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Sundar Pichai.

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they begin a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, June 26, 2017: The war in Afghanistan is also expected to be discussed by the two leaders © Reuters The war in Afghanistan is also expected to be discussed by the two leaders

He told them that his government had pushed through thousands of reforms to make India "business friendly".

He later tweeted: "Interacted with top CEOs. We held extensive discussions on opportunities in India."

Although the US and India are both economic powerhouses, there are sharp differences on issues such as immigration and climate change.

In an article for the Wall Street Journal ahead of their meeting, Mr Modi said India and the US were "mutually reinforcing engines of growth and innovation."

The two leaders are expected to push for closer co-operation on defence and international security.

A court in Madrid has ordered the remains of Salvador Dali be exhumed as part of a paternity claim © Provided by AFP A court in Madrid has ordered the remains of Salvador Dali be exhumed as part of a paternity claim

A Spanish court has ordered that the remains of Salvador Dali be exhumed after a woman who claims to be the daughter of the world-famous artist filed a paternity claim.

If the woman, identified as Pilar Abel and reportedly a psychic, is confirmed as the only child of Dali, she could be entitled to part of the huge fortune and heritage of one of the most celebrated and prolific painters of the 20th century.

The Madrid court said Monday the exhumation aimed "to get samples of his remains to determine whether he is the biological father of a woman from Girona (in northeastern Spain) who filed a claim to be recognised as the daughter of the artist."

"The DNA study of the painter's corpse is necessary due to the lack of other biological or personal remains with which to perform the comparative study," it added.

The Dali Foundation which manages the artist's estate said in a statement it would lodge an appeal against the exhumation "in the coming days," without giving further details.

- Psychic -

Dali is buried in his eponymous museum in Figueras, a city in the northeastern region of Catalonia where he died in January 1989 of heart failure after a life marked by the genius of his work and his own eccentricities and extravagances.

According to media reports Abel is 61 and a psychic.

She says her mother had an affair with Dali when she worked as a nanny for another family that vacationed in Port Lligat, a tiny fishing hamlet near Cadaques on the coast where the painter lived and worked for years with his muse Gala.

"My grandmother told me: 'I know that you're not my son's daughter, I know that your father is a great painter and she told me his name, Dali," Abel told Catalonia's TV3 television channel in 2015, adding her mother later admitted this was true.

She said she had already done DNA tests with a mask that belonged to Dali, but that she did not have the results.

Her lawyer Enrique Blanquez told AFP that the affair was "known in the village, there are people who have testified before a notary."

He said one person "worked for Dali and Dali paid her to investigate what she did and where the plaintiff's mother went."

- Relationship with Gala -

Born on May 11, 1904 in Figueras to a bourgeois family -- his father was a legal clerk -- Dali developed an interest in painting from an early age.

In 1922 he began studying at the Fine Arts Academy in Madrid, where, despite being expelled twice, he developed his first avant-garde artistic ideas in association with poet Federico Garcia Lorca and the filmmaker Luis Bunuel.

Soon he left for Paris to join the surrealist movement, giving the school his own personal twist and rocketing to fame with works such as "The Great Masturbator."

Dali also made forays into the world of surrealist filmmaking.

Returning to Catalonia after 12 years, he invited French poet Paul Eluard and his Russian wife Elena Ivanovna Diakonova to Cadaques.

It was love at first sight between Dali and the woman to whom he gave the pet name Gala.

She became his muse and remained at his side for the rest of her life.

The couple never had children and there have been testimonies that the artist was confused about his sexuality and that he was more of a voyeur than a performer where sex was concerned.

But despite the reportedly unusual relationship, Gala was still his soulmate.

When she died in 1982, he was shattered, on both a human and artistic level.

Dali himself died in 1989 in a Figueras clinic.

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Say it ain’t so, Joe’s

The sausage roll, a meat tube wrapped in puff pastry, is one of the all-time, top 10 most classic British foods. And yet, the slaphappy snack producers at Trader Joe’s had apparently never heard of this age-old delicacy when they introduced their Puff Dogs to stores across the country this month. In a post on the grocery chain’s official homepage, the company describes this savory treat as a “pretty genius” invention that takes “the classic dog-meets-dough pairing to the next level.” TJ’s does not acknowledge the dish’s origin or popularity in the UK, and now people are pissed.

Here’s a sample of the backlash from sausage roll fanatics in England and beyond:

The backlash picked up steam after parent blog HelloGiggles wrote about this “genius” new product last week. According to the BBC, UK supermarket chain Greggs sells approximately 2.5 million sausage rolls perweek.

Puff Dogs [TraderJoe’s]

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[unable to retrieve full-text content]imageThe 'Top Chef' alum is in process of opening a new restaurant at the Wharf in D.C.


NANGUNGUNA pa rin si Marian Rivera sa Top 10 List of the Most Beautiful Filipina Celebrities, as per Social Pees.com na ini-release nila nitong nakaraang Linggo, June 25.

Ito ang kanilang listahan:

mARIAN copy copy

“1) The Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera is now hailed as the most beautiful female celebrity in the showbiz industry! Despite being a wife and a mother, she still manages being a beautiful actress.

2) Anne Curtis Smith

3) Angel Locsin

4) Coleen Garcia

5) Maja Salvador

6) Kathryn Bernardo

7) Cristine Reyes

8) Liza Soberano

9) Kim Chiu

10) KC Concepcion

Last Sunday, nag-report na si Marian saSunday Pinasaya matapos magkaroon ng flu ng ilang araw pagkauwi nila ng asawang si Dingdong Dantes at anak na si Baby Letiziafrom their short vacation sa California noong celebration ng Philippine Independence Day.

Kaya tumanggap muna siya ng orders ng kanyang flourishing flower business na Flora Vida by Marian.

Next week, magsisimula na siyang mag-taping ng The Good Teacher, ang bago niyang teleserye sa GMA-7 na ididirek ni LA Madridejos. 

Source: Balita