iPad Air 2 Review

iPad Air 2 Review

Despite its incredible commercial success, the iPhone has recently received vehement criticism in general. The iPad is a product that has helped in the creation of a positive atmosphere surrounding Apple. This is the iPad Air 2, a tablet that even Apple haters would be jealous of it. This is the gold LTE 16GB iPad Air 2 with 64 and 128GB versions also available in the market. Compared to the retail package of the iPhone 6, this is even more minimal and I like it a lot. Included inside is an AC charger, a USB lightning cable and a small folder with manuals, Apple stickers and the SIM removal tool.

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In terms of design, the iPad Air 2 has no apparent differences with the iPad Air but it's difficult not to be enthused about its width and weight. With a weight of 444g and a thickness of 6.1mm, Apple's new tablet is undoubtedly one of the most elegant products in its category. The iPad Air 2 has a height of 240mm and a width of 169.5mm which both create a 9.7 inch display. Even though I'm not a fan of gold color choices in gadgets, I have to admit that the iPad Air 2 looks great in gold even though the white part on the back side of the tablet is not flattering. I truly love the aluminum body of the iPad Air 2, its diamond cut angles and the metallic nickel on the home button, which now has Touch ID technology.

In general, the overall feeling of holding an iPad Air 2 in your hands is incredible and I believe that Apple does not have any competitor in this section. The button layout on the iPad Air 2 remains the same as previous generation iPads with the exception that the mute button has been removed. Moreover, the stereo speakers have fewer grilles than those of the iPad Air but they still deliver a loud and qualitative sound experience. I would also say that the maximum volume levels of the iPad Air 2 is a little bit annoying. The iPad Air 2 is powered by an Apple A8X 64-bit processor which is a triple core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. On the other hand, the M8 processor is responsible for tasks such as the use of the guroscope, the accelerometer, the barometer, the GPS and the compass.

Storage: 16/64/128GB
Display: 1536x2048px - 9.7 inches with a PPI of 264
Battery: 7340mAh (It may not reach the incredible autonomy standards that Apple set with the iPad 3 but it's still great)

As anyone would expect, the iPad Air 2 supports all 3G and 4G networks. The new iSight camera of the iPad Air 2 has improved sensors with 8 megapixels for the first time and it can capture 1080p video at 30fps and 720p at 120fps. Since Apple I believe that the company should have included a LED flash on the back. Also, the iPad Air 2 has a front camera of 1.6MP and it can capture 720p video up to 30fps. The highlight of the iPad Air 2 is its Retina display. This is an incredible and extremely capable panel with amazingly realistic colors, great black levels and rich viewing angles. The brightness and the clarity of the display impressed me even more. Undoubtedly, the iPad Air 2 has one of the best looking tablet displays.

It's incredible how fast apps load and how efficient is the multitasking now thanks to the 2GB RAM. Last but not least, I simply can't express to you how amazingly smooth is the experience of playing games on the iPad Air 2. I believe that owners of older iPads should definitely invest in the iPad Air 2 but I can't say the same for owners of the still amazingly beautiful iPad Air. I truly appreciate the price of the iPad Air 2 (€470 16GB Wi-Fi version) which is more realistic compared to the price of an iPhone 6. Without a doubt, Apple still continues to offer amazing products in the tablets category of technology products.

iPhone 6 Reviews

A review of the Apple iPhone 6. So this is one of the hugely anticipated devices of 2014 so it’s finally here and it’s packing a lot of new features and changes we’ve never seen before in the history of the iPhone line. For starters, the new iPhone 6 starts at $199 for the baseline 16GB model with a two-year carrier agreement or you can also purchase it contract-free starting at $649 dollars and the one I have here is the 16GB, Gold, contract-free version of the iPhone6. In addition to gold, you also have the option to get space gray and silver for additional color choices. Apple iPhone 6 review.

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So let’s begin with the hardware and design. So the design of the 6 is obviously a huge departure from Apple’s design strategy for previous generations. Most notably, you can see how the edges are curved now similar to the iPod Touch for example instead of the distinctive sharp edges from iPhones years past. With that glass front that’s curving towards the edges to create that round look. I am personally not a big fan of this change simply due to the fact the round edges on the sides makes it harder for my hands to grip the device. So I’d much rather just have the distinctive sharp edges on my HTCOne for example, to hold, instead of the curved edges on the iPhone 6. The front and back of the phone has a pretty smooth texture to it. Even though, I like how it feels. I still think this material, especially the aluminum back might just be a bit slippery to grip but it’s really not that big of a deal.

The iPhone 6 is also Apple’s thinnest phone to date. It only has a thickness of 6.9 milli-meters so it’s incredibly thinner than its predecessor. It also has a height of 5.44 inches and a width 2. 4 inches, and it only weighs 4.55 ounces. So even though the overall device has a larger footprint now, it actually feels really light-weight which is nice. It still retains the superb metal build quality for the most part with the exception of these white lines which are for the antennas. So minus the curved edges, the iPhone 6 has a pretty solid build quality in my opinion. But nonetheless, the iPhone 6 just feels really fragile in the hand mostly I think because of how thin it is so you’ll definitely want a protective case and that kind of goes without saying for pretty much all iPhones.

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The other significant change was to the display which Apple gave the branding as the "Retina HD" display, But in reality, it has a resolution of 1334x 750 so just a little bit over 720p HD at a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The screen size has been increased from 4 inches to 4.7 inches signaling Apple’s response to the desire of larger screens. For me at least, 4.7 inches is the perfect sweet spot in terms of screen size it’s not too big, not too small. It falls right in the middle. It’s still large enough for watching movies and typing but not large enough to the point of losing portability so you can still use it easily with just one hand. A big fan of this form factor and the screen itself is really and nice bright and also awesome color reproduction and something new Apple has added something called "dual domain pixels for wider viewing angles" and it’s an IPS display with a fingerprint oleophobic coating on top. So around the phone, we have the power button here on the right side relocated from the top for easier access now due to the larger display and Nano sim card tray next to it.

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On the left, ring or silent switch, as well as the volume up and down buttons. At the bottom, we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack along with the microphone, lighting connector and also the speakers. Nothing up top. On the front have the 2 megapixel Facetime camera with 720P HD video recording capabilities and also the ambient light sensor and the earpiece. Towards the bottom, have the home button which also acts as the sensor for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. On the back we have the new 8 megapixel iSight camera with 1.5 micro pixels. f/2. 2 aperture. It’s also autofocus with Focus pixels which means it will dramatically reduce the time needed for refocusing. And what’s interesting about the camera is it protrudes out quite a bit from the rest of the phone. When you lay it on the table, the phone won’t be perfectly flat due to the camera bulge. But unless, you’re trying to intentionally make it wobble so it shouldn't be much of an issue.   However, the camera might have the potential to be damaged easier due to it’s position even if it has a Sapphire crystal lens cover, it’s still something to be aware of.

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Now in terms of software, The iPhone 6 is running iOS 8 pre-installed out of the box. iOS 8 is really not that much different iOS 7 in terms of design. We still have the same look and feel and of course typical iOS applications like Messages, calendar, photos, App store, iTunes store, you name it. But we do have the new addition of Health app, basically it’s a health and fitness tracker. For example you can can go to health data, body measurements, body fat percentage, you can add a data point and also share the data with other people as well.  So yeah it just allows to see data regarding over a week, a month or a year for example. That’s with the new Health app. Also if you double click the home button, in addition to getting your multi tasking windows, you also receive an extra row of space at the top reserved for recent your contacts so now you easily access those people by double clicking the home button. Another thing that’s really neat is something called reachability so basically now you can double tap the home button, you don’t even have to press them, it bring the top three row of icons down which are more difficult to access since you kind of have to scooch your hands to access them now but with Reachablity, you can double tap and the icon drops down automatically for your convenience, a really simple but useful feature.

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Another change was made to the notifications so for example now you can be on a web page and a tweet comes in for example, you can swipe down and reply to the notification right on the spot instead of manually going to the Twitter to that. An improvement was also made to the keyboard and it’s called QuickType, and basically when you type, the keyboard takes into account the content you’re writing, and also your writing style, so it can provide you withtext predications optimized for your writing so it can save you some time.  And also forthe first time, you can now install third party keyboards so you can download one from the App Store and go to the settings, general, keyboard,, keyboards, add new keyboard, and click on the keyboard you installed, I have swift key so that’s nice feature if you don’t like the stock keyboard. Also the search function has been improved since it can now display results from the web as well as from your phone. If I search apple, I can get results from the phone but also results from the web in this case Apple’s web address for example and I can click on it to see open safari and it direct me to the page.

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The camera has improved of course, we have our typical camera modes, but we do have the new addition of a time lapse mode which is nice. I will have a full camera test of the iPhone6 camera very soon to show you guys the picture quality and the new features but so far from what I’ve noticed, the shutter speed is amazingly fast and responsive and the pictures themselves look really sharp and detailed. I have a picture here I took in low light and it looks pretty decent thanks to the True Tone flash and we also have some handy editing tools so you can easily make your photos appear better on the fly. Some other pictures and again they look really good, accurate colors and very detailed but again I will have a full camera test soon, so you can see for yourself. So yeah just overall incredibly fluid and smooth. No lag or delay whatsoever just a really smooth and enjoyable experience all around.

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It really feels like the phone is made for the software and software is made for the phone so they’re perfectly optimized. This thing flies through everything you throw at it be it watching YouTube videos, browsing the web, launching applications, or whatever else you do with it, it’s always fast and responsive every single time. All of this is mostly due to the 1.4 GHz dual core Apple A8 processor with M8 motion coprocessor which Apple claims to have up to 50% more CPU performance than before and also up to 84% more GPU performance. The power from those chips can be evident in tasks like gaming for example because the gaming performance and experience is buttery smooth with any game really. No delay, no lag, no issues at all to be honest when it comes to gaming. Also the speakers are really loud and clear too so an added bonus if you’re gaming or just listening to sound in general but I still think the HTC Boom sound speakers are best speakers for any phone but that’s just my opinion.

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In terms of battery life, Apple claims it can go to 11 hours with a single charge and from my testing I’ve only gotten about 9 hours I believe. So the battery numbers aren’t really impressive at all but it should for the most get through a typical day of use fine but it really depends on your own usage patterns and what you do on your device.

Overall I think the iPhone 6 is a great device for what it can do, it gets the job done and it’s definitely the best iPhone yet with the larger display and extra horsepower but also keep in mind there are other devices on Android or Windows Phone for example that do exactly the same thing if not better, and in some cases cheaper as well. So it’s really your decision but if you like, Apple and iOS, you can’t go wrong with the best iPhone to date.


Christmas isn't that far away which means you only have about two more weeks to get your shopping done. But what do you do if you have no clue what to get your girlfriend for Christmas?, Do I give her something handmade?, Do I buy her jewelry?, Do I take her to a show?. The answer to that is coming up right after this.

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Now if you've just started your relationship and you're wondering whether or not you should get a gift the answer is yes. But don't go crazy though. The last thing you want to do is to start burning holes in your wallet only to find her making out with a new guy on New Years. Let's assume that won't happen.

The first step is to balance your budget. To find that equal medium that shows what you pay is exactly how you feel. Also keep in mind that different types of gifts appeal to different kinds of girls. Some girls prefer practical gifts. That might mean buying her a perfume, a necklace or a bracelet. Pretty much anything that you will buy her that she will actually use for something. Pam Halpert said that "Heart shaped jewelry is not something a woman buys for herself". So if you're looking for a design that's more traditional, that's pretty much what you can go for. Other girls may prefer personalized gifts that you make.

Keep in mind, if you're broke as a joke this may be the way to go.  Find out what her favorite colors are and then go to a craft store to find a bunch of beads, jewels and lanyards so you can start putting it together to make her something. On top of that you can even make her a little box or envelope to put your hand made jewelry inside that you can paint and design yourself. Huge disclaimer though. Whatever you make may not look the most aesthetically pleasing compared to other gifts but she'll care so much about it because it came from you.

If you're past the whole romantic gift thing, another simple solution is to get her something that she needs instead of something that she's just going to enjoy for the time being. In cases like this, you have to pay close attention to what's going on. If her watch so old that it's rusting?, Does her blow dryer short out every time she plugs it in?, Does she complain about the prices of razors every time she has to shave her legs?, Find out what one of her needs are and make it your goal to solve it this Christmas. Sometimes checking a problem off her list of things to worry about is exactly what she needs.

If you're looking for something more memorable that won't get shoved in a drawer for the remainder of the year, take her out for a romantic experience. That can be in the form of a really super fancy dressed up dinner or a Broadway show that she's looking forward to. You can even take her out on a romantic day trip to a farm to have a picnic. I mean, what'll that cost you anyway?, Tickets for a bus fare or gas money for the car?, That money that you spend will be trumped in the experience that you guys share together.

The one that you're making so memorable for her. Let her see that you've planned it all out for her and all she has to do is kick her feet back and relax. But what do you guys think would be a great Christmas gift for your girlfriend?.

Gifts without love are just items in boxes and colorful paper. So make sure that whatever you choose to get her comes from here. Man that sounds cheezy. As always guys, love and peace.
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Coming out from technological obscurity into one of the world’s most laptop brands, Asus has conquered the world with affordable but innovative gadgets. From Asus’ new line of smartphones comes the Asus Zenfone A501CG. 

The Asus Zenfone employs a powerful processor – Intel Atom 2560 Multicore. Latest and fastest in the line of mobile processors, it enables your apps to run quickly and games run smoothly without compromising battery performance. Watch movies, go livestreaming, or make Skype calls without the typical lags associated with app-based services. 


Selfie here, and selfie there. Enjoy crisp image quality with Zenfone’s 2MP front camera; capture a selfie with breeze. Snap breathtaking sceneries using the 8MP back camera, enhanced with Pixelmaster to deliver professional-looking images from your phone. Share photos instantly on Facebook or Instagram with seamless WiFi and network connections. 

Asus takes user-friendly to a higher level. The ZenUI has every product information you need in a click, no need to look for the manual. With the intuitive Glove Touch, you can still use the device even when wearing gloves. Why buy two separate phones when you can service two numbers in one. Zenfone has a Dual SIM function, with both SIMs on active. 

For longer hours of creating and sharing memories, be sure to pair your Zenfone with a powerbank of your choice available at the Lazada's Mobile and Tablets section to let you stay connected.

Fashio Sale

Be true to your personal style, know your body shape and style with colour and accessories. Don't be afraid to opt for a blouse instead of a shirt or a dress/skirt suit instead of a pant suit for a more softer look. Always wear a heel and hosiery, add a silk scarf or a gorgeous brooch. Choose modern fabrics with classic cuts that compliment your shape. Take note of unique or asymmetrical necklines and stitching.  Select creative statement accessories in line with 'wearable art'. Don't be shy of colour and use it to create maximum impact for example colour blocking, example, a vibrant jacket with a neutral bottom.

If you wear glasses go for dramatic frames. When selecting suits stay away from pattern that stands out too much, example, wide pin stripes or checks or anything that will date. Instead go for navy, black, charcoal, chocolate, grey or taupe. Ensure you also have a suit to suit the season, so have a few options for summer (lighter fabrics) and winter (heavier fabrics). Lengths of jackets are really important, always ensure it stops at the most flattering part of your body and minimises any imperfections. Always go for a well tailored suit jacket, it should not be too tight nor too boxy and baggy. If you are a curvy lady A-line, pleated or tulip style skirts and wide leg pants are your most flattering option. If you have a straight up and down figure pencil skirts and straight leg pants are your best bottoms.

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Ensure skirt lengths are flattering to your shape and are neither too short nor too long, if you are petite height you can wear a slightly shorter length. Dresses are so great!, You don't have to think about what goes with what, the hard work is done for you so don't be afraid to have a few dress options. My favourite dresses are the Pinafore: ideal for curvy figures. The wrap dress: ideal for any body shape. The shirt dress and belted dress: perfect for straight up and down body types. Smock neck dress: perfect for big busts. Structured and rouched dress: great for round body shapes. Accessories reflect your personal style like nothing else in your wardrobe, so take the time to select these items very carefully and enjoy the creative process.

If you decide to go for a statement necklace then balance it with a less statement earring and vice versa. Your accessories should look put together and be strategecly placed to draw the eye to your most flattering feature. Blouses and shirts should reflect your most complimentary neckline styles. If you have a small bust you can go for a more higher neckline, oriental, round, cowl or and v-neck styles are all fine. If you have a fuller top section opt for a medium v-neck, cowl neck or scoop neck, not too low and not too high as it will emphasise your bust more. Select colour that compliments your skin tone, eyes and hair.

If you have more golden skin you can wear warmer hues such as chocolate, orange & cream. If you have dark features you look great in strong contrasting colours such as black, white and red. For those that have a fair complexion opt for mid tones of navy, grey and lavender. Avoid wearing bold patterns as it can takeover your look and always wear a contrasting colour to the backdrop. You should always dress in how you feel, be honest with yourself and take a look at your body and ask yourself is this me?. The only difference in your wardrobe as you age is the lengths of your skirts/dresses need to be a little bit longer, the necklines a little higher, perhaps a little sleeve rather than sleeveless and your heels a little lower. Also, take care in selecting your undergarments and fabrics go for quality rather than quantity.

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Pick the right Tablet

So you're in the market to buy a tablet. Here are three things to know before you buy.

1. To think about is what you want to do with this new tablet.

- you're gonna be able to download apps on them.
- play games on it. You can do spreadsheets.
- you can mange your business off of it.
- surf the internet.
- on a lot of tablets, which are gonna give you really nice, clear, beautiful display on the tablet. A lot of the resolutions on those tablets are remarkable.
- read books, magazines.
- take video and pictures on your tablet, do excel, do powerpoint, do word. All those fun microsoft office things that you're looking for can be handled on a tablet.
- there are tablets that you can actually buy that are for younger kids now.
- the kids' tablets are made to be a little bit more durable.
- there's a lot of pre-installed educational games and applications on there.
- there's what's called, like, mommy mode, where the parent has to type in a password, and then it can be used as a full tablet. So not only is it good for the kids, but it can be used by the adults as well.

2. When comparing tablets, consider how much storage space you'll need to do that you want?.

- the best way to choose a size is just kind of think about,"well, what am I gonna use it for?"
- the storage space for tablets starts out at around 8 gigs. You could store some music, some pictures, some games.
- if it's, "oh, i love my music,"and you want to take that with you, definitely I'd consider a larger storage space on that tablet.
- but when I'm going on vacation, I load a bunch of movies and tv shows on there to keep me occupied on the trip. For that, i need more storage space.

3. When it comes to connecting to the internet, you have options.

- the most common way people connect to the internet is probably wi-fi.
- wi-fi based tablets will pick up any wireless signal from any home, coffee shop, hotels, libraries, anywhere that has a wi-fi signal, really.
- there's also connective tablets. Anywhere that gets a cell phone connection, you can be connected to the internet.
- so you have a data plan similar to like you do on your cell phone. If you're in the passenger seat, you would easily be able to use it as a gps, use it to find a nearby restaurant. As long as you have cell phone service, you'll have internet wherever you are.

And that's three things. Start with what you want to do with your tablet, then consider your storage space needs, and how you'll connect that tablet to the internet. Shop with these things in mind, but also know that there's more to know. So come on into Lazada Crazy Tablet Sale and check out all your options.

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Running a business on the internet is a lot cheaper than a brick and mortar approach. Compared to buying offline from a brick and mortar business, you'll save up to 15% if you buy your auto insurance policy online. Therefore, as much as you can, buy your auto insurance policy online. However, do your utmost to present your details truthfully. If you try to cheat you'll lose big time on the long run. Your insurer will be covered by the law if they cancel your policy on the grounds that you misrepresented facts. Don't also forget to confirm your preferred insurer's rating and standing with your state's department of insurance and other financial rating institutions.

A simple but effective way of lowering your rate is by authorizing an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). This just means your insurer withdraws your premiums automatically from your account at specified periods without mailing you payment notices. This saves your insurer in many ways such as removing the cost of mailing payment notices and the cost associated with processing checks. Your premium is, therefore, reduced in line with the lower cost of giving you insurance. Statistically, women are safer drivers. Married couples can take advantage of this by having their cars insured in the lady's name with the man as the secondary driver.

Although this might not go down well with some male folks, it will help reduce what your family pays for auto insurance. Staying claims-free will result in a good discount. But bear in mind that not all insurers offer this discount. If your agent says they don't offer this discount, let him or her know that you will switch to another insurer. Believe it or not, every insurer likes having people who stay claims free for this long as policy holders. You shouldn't have any difficulty getting better rates with a host of other insurers. Most insurers will do all within their powers to ensure they don't lose you and this should lead to some compromise on their part.

Since the beginning of film itself, the ancient Egyptians have been portrayed as white. Elizabeth Taylor famously played Cleopatra, while Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner, half Russian and half Mongolian, played Moses and Rameses in The Ten Commandments and no one said anything. In fact, those films are highly regarded as they should be, quality films whose casting choices were a product of their times. But what times do we live in currently?.

There has now been much debate as to what Ancient Egyptians actually looked like, and many point to the way in which they depicted themselves as having dark skin. Yet still, the only mainstream portrayal of dark skinned Ancient Egyptians was in the music video for MichaelJackson’s Remember the Time. Even 1999’s reboot of The Mummy franchise featured South African actor Arnold Vosloo of Dutch and German descent as well as Israeli actor Oded Fehr. Now Ridley Scott, the director of Hollywood’s latest telling of The Ten Commandments, argues that he couldn’t get the necessary funding for this kind of block buster with “Mohamed So-and-So” in the lead role. But is he simply in. . . de-nile?. Since when does Joel Edgerton sell tickets?,and John Turturro and Sigourney Weaver as the Pharao hand his Queen?.

Look, keep Christian Bale, but why not reach out to the many actors working TODAY in Bollywood, the Middle East and Egypt itself?, Or find an undiscovered talent?. Barkhad Abdi was a Somali immigrant working as a limo driver in Minneapolis when Paul Green grass decided he wanted to cast authentic Somali pirates in Captain Phillips. Abdi went onto get an Oscar nomination. This is the question many movie goers are asking, and it might be one that Hollywood will have to consider if those movie goers stay home. But will they stay home?. Exodus Gods and Kings has suddenly found itself as a litmus test for where west and today on the Hollywood tradition of white washing, and while some people are definitely upset by white actors in the lead roles standing next to actors of color used as extras, the combination of Scott and Bale in a visual effects heavy blockbuster might be too hard to resist.

Maybe, Fox is betting, hoping, that those upset by the casting in Exodus the vocal MINORITY, and the majority still doesn’t care. So while we won’t know if movie goers care until the box office numbers start coming in, right now?. Let’s see if Exodus Gods and Kings is even a movie worth arguing about at all.

Being a mom is probably one of the busiest and most pleasurable roles in life. For the convenience of many hardworking super moms, online shopping has been made incredible reliable. Online shopping has provided moms with so many advantages.

1. A very convenient. One of the best things about online shopping is that you could pretty much go on any website of your choice and shop away. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, because online shopping is always available for you.

2. You could compare prices. Another advantage of online shopping for moms is that you could check out different websites and compare prices throughout all those websites. You don’t have to settle for just one store and one price. You could compare prices from different vendors at any time during the day. Instead of feeling guilty about paying more for a product that is way cheaper in another store, you don’t have to get the feeling anymore if you try out Online Payment.

3. You have endless selections. Going to a physical store usually means that you only have a limited stock of certain products. With online shopping, once you look through one store branch and find out that they don’t have what you are looking for, you could jump right on to the other store branch located somewhere else and have it reserved and shipped out to you in a matter of seconds. You have the power to choose from a wide variety of options.

4. Read consumer reviews.
If you aren’t too sure about a certain item, you don’t have to take the risk of buying it and not liking it or using it after purchase. You have easy access to consumer reviews when you buy online. You could read through ratings and reviews in the comfort of your own home. If you’re a busy mom trying to juggle around house chores, your family and work, online shopping is your sure bet. You are provided with many advantages that you may not find in going to a physical store. You are comfortable, you are at home, you have the chance to choose exactly what you need and you could spend time with your family while shopping.

5. The most trusted online shopping store in the Philippines is the Lazada.com.ph. Start shopping now and get a discount codes. Visit HERE...

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Cheap Auto Insurance Tips - Guaranteed Steps To Dirt Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Tip #1 - Drive Carefully. One easy way to make sure you pay less is being careful every time you're behind wheels. Please, ensure that you make it a policy to NOT drive if you so much as sip any alcoholic beverage. If you're convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) you'll NOT see affordable rates for a very long time. While alcohol-related traffic offences have very immediate and serious repercussions, speeding tickets will also affect your rates negatively if they pile up. So, if it's a violation of traffic laws, avoid it no matter how negligible it may seem at the time.

Tip #2 - Maintain an excellent credit rating. It might seem unfair to most people but your credit rating does affect you rate. A poor credit history will cost you in higher auto insurance rates For most insurers it shows a pattern they believe you are quite likely to repeat with them in premium defaults. This assumption of high risk makes such individuals attract very high rates in auto insurance and other insurance policies.

Tip #3 - Insure all your vehicles with the same insurer. You can reduce your rates by positioning yourself for a multi-vehicle discount. It is advisable to insure all your cars with the same insurer unless you get a much better rate for one of your cars with another insurer. Doing some shopping and then comparing with what you'll get from a multi-vehicle discount is a good way to be sure if this serves your best interest. But that said; insuring more than one vehicle with the same carrier will always get you a nice discount.

Tip #4 - Hold all your policies under one roof. Buying multiple policies from the same insurer is one smart way to reduce your premium. For example, buying cheap auto insurance from the carrier that underwrites your home insurance policy. However, note that you may be better served if you buy your different policies from different carriers that offer the best rate for each policy. Do extensive comparison shopping with quotes sites. Compare what you will save if you go for a multi-policy discount with what you’ll save by going for individual carriers with the best rates. Make your choice only when you are sure of which is more beneficial.

Tip #5 - Stay claims-free. Staying claims-free for three years and above will get you a discount. But bear in mind that NOT all insurers offer this discount. If your agent says they don't offer this discount let him or her know that you will switch to another insurer. Believe it or not, every insurer likes having people who stay claims free for this long as policy holders. You shouldn't have any difficulty getting better rates with a host of other insurers. Most insurers will do all within their powers to ensure they don't lose you and this should lead to some compromise on their part.

Tip #6 - Drop collision and comprehensive on old vehicles. You're certainly paying too much if you have collision and comprehensive coverage for an old car that is not a classic. Your car's Kelly Blue Book value at the time of a claim (and not the value of the car when you bought it) is what determines what you'll get from your insurer. This means that not minding how much you paid and for how long you did, you may get $500 if the book says it's only worth that much by the time you file a claim. Do the smart thing and take them off your car insurance policy. Doing this will save you much and not compromise you in any way.

Tip #7 - Make your deductible as high as possible. The higher your deductible amount, the lower your premium will be. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a deductible that is as high as possible but always within easy reach for you. You are bound by law to contribute this amount. So go as high as you can but keep it within your reach.

Tip #8 - Slash your mileage by every fair means. Drive as little as possible. It will lower your mileage and get you a low mileage discount. This applies more to those whose work and location make it easy for them to use the public transit system. Walk whenever possible. Apart from the fact that it is good for your health, it will also help keep your mileage down. Carpooling is another smart way of reducing your mileage.

Tip #9 - Get and maintain high grades. It is a fact that young drivers attract very high rates. For those who fall within this age bracket, getting good grades at school will go a long way to help you get more affordable rates. There is a discount know as the Good Student Discount. This discount is for students who get A's or a minimum of B's. It attracts a discount of about 5 percent. This is so because insurance providers think there is a correlation between good grades and a young driver's behavior behind wheels. Students who maintain excellent grades are generally considered more responsible and less prone to reckless driving.

Tip #10 - Take refresher courses for the elderly. Are you a senior citizen? Then you can reduce your rate if you take courses designed for older drivers. You can reduce your monthly premium by as much as 10% once you pass any of such courses. To find out the finer details of how this works and how much you can save with your insurer, consult your agent.
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