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A long life and how to attain it

Living a long life with the gift of good health should never be taken for granted. It is with wisdom, common sense, care and sometimes good genes, that an individual can help prolong life. A life that is naturally prolonged based on the individual’s lifestyle choices can be a great and beneficial one in which the individual has the opportunity to age gracefully.

For the purpose of this article the information offered will endeavor to suggest what everyone, at any age, can do to enhance the later years of their life by starting, or continuing, to alter how they live. Many websites provide suggestions, ideas and information that can be useful and should be taken into serious consideration.

Contrary to, perhaps, common belief, studies show that work, not relaxation, can help prolong life. Although relaxation is necessary, too much of it is not good. Everyone needs a purpose, at any age, and knowing that there is work, or a passion or some kind, gives an individual a reason to rise from bed each day. Another misnomer is that worrying too much can age a person. However, it has been proven that worriers fare much better than those who do not because the worrier takes care to alleviate his fears and concerns by, for example, visiting a medical professional when there is a problem.

Another interesting statistic is that outgoing individuals do not live any longer than shy introverted ones, and it has also been proven that only married men benefit from a prolonged life as compared to divorced men who die at a younger age. However, there seems to be no difference between the longevity of the lives of married and single women. Yet, companionship, in any form (human or a family pet), is another relative component for a prolonged life as well as annual physical checkups. Smiling and laughing are also considered great stress relievers, and anything that can relieve stress is good.

Exercise is absolutely imperative to having a prolonged and healthy quality of life, and nourishing food goes hand-in-hand with physical activity. Physical activity can improve brain function and stave off depression as well as many chronic illnesses. It can also keep vital organs, such as the heart, in good condition which will help prolong life.

Negative and addictive habits such as smoking or excessive drinking do not help prolong life. It is also important that the individual’s health, or the prolonging of life, not be dominated by pharmaceutical products other than those that will show benefit, such as vitamins. Although this is something no one has any control over, genetics can also play an important role in longevity. Not only is physical activity important, but also getting enough sleep is another important factor. At least eight hours a night is adequate, in most instances.

A person’s religious faith can also play a factor in longevity. Besides the comfort of a spiritual and religious life, there are the socialization aspects that play a great role. There is a magnificent level of comfort when the human spirit knows that there are those who will check on them when they are homebound, pray for them and administer to their spiritual needs when their final days are near.

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