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Are Computers really necessary?

Computers are everywhere these days, many people use computers for their jobs and it seems like almost everything is now controlled by a computer in some way or another. While not everyone will actually use a computer themselves, because so many things are controlled by computers they are now a necessity in today’s society.

Almost everyone will have to phone a call centre at some point, whether it is to pay a bill or get some sort of technical help, you all use call centres. When someone calls one of these centres the representative will first check your details against what they have on their computer. They will also use their computer to help you with your query and record details of your conversation on it. This is just one of the many ways that computers are used today that many people don’t even think about.

Your bank of building society will have all your information on computer, any transactions must go through their computers and even when you take cash out of an ATM these are computers themselves. Many people also use their personal computer to access their accounts online, so in short people could not manage their money without the aid of computers.

Many people nowadays do not live near all their friends and family, computers make it easier and quicker to keep in touch. Instant messaging programs allow people to communicate in real time over the Internet and if both parties have a web cam they can actually see each other while they are talking. With email people don’t have to write a letter and wait days for it to arrive at its destination and then wait days for a reply. Emails arrive instantly and people can also send pictures or even video clips which is not possible in a letter.

Online shopping has also made our modern lives easier; all the major stores have websites that people can order from these days. With peoples modern busy lives not having to physically go to a store saves them time and the items are delivered to your door which is great for heavier items. Online shopping also allows people to compare prices at literally hundreds of even thousands of stores if they so wish. This way people can always be sure that they are getting the best deal available, so computers also help people save money.

Computers are a big part of the modern world, it really is a struggle to get through a day without coming in to contact with a computer, whether that is using one yourself or calling a company and being held in their computerised queuing system, you are almost sure to come into contact with a computer at some point during your day. Modern life has been made a lot easier with most people enjoying Internet access, giving them instant access to news and any other information they need. Perhaps not everyone uses a computer every day, but due to their many uses, computers are a necessary part of today’s society.

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