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Be Lucid – “Passionfruit” (a Drake cover) Live at Studio 28

Joko Reantaso’s “Bounce” Single Launch was held on July 30, 2019 at the Studio 28, Uptown Parade, BGC. The event featured different Independent musicians like Be Lucid, Holmes Caren, and the man himself, Joko! With songs from his Sunny Side Up EP and introducing the first single from his new EP, Sonic Spaghetti, “Bounce!”


Oakley; co-presentor
Monster RX 93.1; co-presentor
Studio 28; venue partner
Yupangco Music, major sponsor
JBL; minor sponsor
Primomusic.co, Indie Manila, Inquirer.net, Pinoy Secret Files, InqPOP!, Ditto Philippines; media partners

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