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Benefits of Power Napping

A power nap is a nap that lasts a short period of time. The idea is to wake up before deep sleep occurs. There are a number of benefits to taking these 15 to 30 minute naps that make them worth considering.

They fit into a schedule.

Most people have a period of time in the day where their energy levels slump. Some doctors and experts believe that this is because most of our bodies really need a nap during the day. The idea behind it is that when survival was based on the cycles of the land, it was too hot during the afternoon to get a lot of work done and a nap was easy to have. Today’s schedules don’t leave much time for a nap. However, a power nap only requires a small amount of time and 30 minutes or less (often 20 minutes) is all you need! This amount of time is much more likely to fit into your schedule.

Increases your energy levels.

Most of us take a nap because we are tired and need the rest. What many people fail to realize is that a short nap often does the same thing for you. You will wake up with more energy levels. This will leave you more alert and will help you get more done in the second half of your day.

Better brain power.

Your brain really wants that nap as well. By taking a power nap you will increase your productivity, but you will also improve your memory and your ability to learn new things! Your brain longs for that momentary shut down and reboot for better functioning. In fact, there are some studies that indicate that cognitive functions will improve by as much as 40% with a power nap a day.

Stress reliever.

Our lives are full of stress and we often max out bodies out with all the stress that we have. It doesn’t seem to end and it just piles up. However, a power nap will help your body and mind relax. This will lighten the load of your stress and bring peace to your mind.

Heart power.

Another study shows that those who get a power nap are less likely to have heart disease. While the correlation isn’t understood, those who are at risk for heart problems will benefit a lot from a good power nap.

Exercise easier.

Many people struggle to get out of bed in the morning to exercise. By afternoon they are feeling drowsy and don’t want to exercise because they are too tired. However, the power nap will give you the perfect boost for a later in the day exercise routine! You can get motivated to exercise, you only need the right amount of energy.

Get those creative juices flowing.

You have within you a whole world of creativity. Most of us only tap into a small portion of it. However, power napping will get the creative juices flowing. You are more likely to think creativity and have creative ideas. Getting more creative will make a huge difference in your life!

Healthier and live longer.

Studies have proven that short naps in the afternoon will let you have better health. This comes in a variety of forms including lowered stress levels, better brain function, and a healthier heart. It is also more likely that you will live longer because your body will be in better repair.

While most of us look down at regular naps for adults, there is definitely something to it. You may have hated the idea of laying down on a mat back in kindergarten for nap time, but you might want to consider doing it as an adult. It can make a huge difference in your life.

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