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Best Ways to Reduce Stress

Losing my mind thinking that my world was falling apart I finally realized that I was completely stressed out beyond all belief. Now not totally stress free it is down considerably.

I left the source of my stress behind me. My job at the time as a server and the added pressure of being a full time college student and a single mom were all getting to me in the worst ways. The bills were piled up and my grades were scraping by. Everything I had hoped to achieve seemed to be slipping away.

I found a job that allowed me to do what I was going to school for to see if it was what I really wanted to do. Turned out that it wasn’t anywhere near what I actually wanted. I began to realize that while there were things that I had to do I should not be neglecting me. When I was not happy those around me suffered as well.

I began to get up at about the same time everyday and enjoy a cup of coffee before beginning my day. I stopped worrying about what everyone else thought I should do and began to do what I thought was the best for me. I stopped skipping meals well for a while. I began to go to the gym.

Yes, I said the gym. Believe it or not working out at night is relaxing. It is not only a good choice for your health but somehow it is relaxing. Reaching goals on a weight machine you never thought that you would see make you feel like you managed to accomplish something good.

I went back to an old childhood favorite as well. Bubble baths became a staple in life. Nothing is more relaxing that soaking in a steamy tub full of bubbles over into the evening. Lighting candles around the tub gives a sense of added peace to any bubble bath.

I have found the act of lighting candles around the house during the day to be an enormous stress reliever for me. So are walks around the edge of my property just looking at the bird and watching the neighbor’s horses. Sitting with my cat is relaxing for me too.

Taking picture is something else I find relaxing. Even the simple act of setting up a background to take my daughters picture and then printing out the finished product cause my stress level to decrease.

I write to relax. Whether it is in my journal for my eyes only or for the entire world to see it does not matter at all. The act of letting all my emotions out onto the page makes me feel refreshed.

When all else fails I go for a nice long drive through the country side all by myself. I haven’t felt this good in years.

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