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Burning Problems

The process of burning a CD or DVD seems pretty simple. You stick the disc in the drive, the computer sucks it up, you turn on the burning program, you pick the files you want to burn, it burns. Right?

Right. When it goes the way it’s meant to, right.

It doesn’t always, though. Indeed, burning foul-ups are exceedingly common when creating a new data, video or audio disc out of your CDs and DVDs, and the problem isn’t always readily identified. Here are a few reasons why your burner might not be working properly.

– The simplest explanation is that the discs you bought aren’t compatible with your burner. This is a common problem when testing out third party disc brands, though it can also pop up if you accidentally by CD or DVD-RWs rather than normal CD or DVD-Rs. The solution? Look online to see what kind of discs your burner supports, then buy those instead.

– It’s also possible that the disc you’re trying to use, or the entire package you’ve acquired, is corrupted and useless. The only way to determine this is to a) check the discs for signs of damage or b) try them out in someone else’s computer. Either way, they have to go in the garbage, or back to the store.

– The discs may already contain data, in which case you can’t write on them again. Does the burning program tell you that the disc is already full? Are there files on the disc when you pop it in your normal disc drive? You can’t write over it again unless it’s an RW, in which case the original data will be lost. Get another disc.

– It’s also possible, on the more technical side, that you’re setting the write speed of your burner too high. Yes, it’s tempting to set the thing at maximum to decrease the amount of time you have to spend staring at the progress bar, but doing so increases the chances that the burning process will foul up. Keep the speed at a medium to slow speed to prevent this from happening, especially when you’re storing a lot of data.

– There might be something wrong with the burning program. Run the installation software and either repair or overwrite the old files. Alternatively, seek out another burning program altogether. There are lots out there, and some are better than others.

– Along the same lines, the drive you’re using to burn the discs may be damaged or worn down. This is especially annoying, as the drive will generate ruined disc after ruined disc. Try cleaning the laser lens with an approved cleaning product and test to see if discs start burning properly.

– Last, you may be trying to do too many things at once on your computer. You can’t run a dozen programs while the computer’s writing to a disc, as it will overheat and mess up your progress. Let the burner do its job before you get back on the Internet. (Source: Why Won’t My DVDs Burn)

Needless to say, the expense that goes into unsuccessfully burning disc after disc is inexcusable. Analyze the problem quickly before you waste a ton of discs on a problem that could be easily repaired with some investigation.

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