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Can Technology Impoverish the Mind – No

The speed at which technology moves is almost immeasurable. Across the last twenty years we have become a global economy and society. And global economics are the result of information having the potential to travel worldwide in a matter of mere seconds. If anything, technology has made us closer universal neighbors. If a natural disaster strikes
a poorer African nation, for instance, aid from the world over can be on its way immediately. Technology has greatly enriched the world and has helped us see that as people of all races, we share many more similar qualities than we do differences.

The word impoverish in rooted in poverty and deprivation. The human mind becomes impoverished when it is deprived of appropriate intellectual stimulation. Much like any other human body organ, when rendered dormant and inactive, the cerebral cortex withers from lack of stimulation. Advances in technology compel the human mind to operate at more rapid and higher levels of cognitive functioning. By allowing us to meet objectives in shorter periods of time, we are given the opportunity to accomplish more and the brain is challenged to work more rapidly.

I must admit as I’ve advanced into mid-life, I find myself less resistant to changes in my habits and ways of meeting my personal responsibilities. This is just a result of the aging process and I’m convinced all people experience it to one degree or another, as aging sets in. However, technology must be examined in an objective context. Technological growth has advanced farming, construction and medicine in ways that might have seemed impossible just a few decades ago. The potential for an equal amount of future positive growth is virtually limitless.

Once again, at the risk of appearing redundant, technology is on an evolutionary path. It’s place in the advancement of mankind is well established and necessarily so. Wherever homo sapiens are headed, technology will be as important a part of this world’s evolutionary protocol and any other equally critical element.

Technology really plays no part whatsoever in the area of impoverishing one’s mind. Minds become impoverished when they are not stimulated in challenging ways. Spending evening after evening in front of the television impoverishes the mind. Refusing to read a book from time to time, or even a reputable periodical bankrupts the mind. Games and activities that cause the mind to think will keep the mind nourished. Consider the popularity of the television game show Jeopardy. It has been on the air for at least five decades. Is it just a coincidence that it is one of the most intellectually stimulating shows of its kind? People enjoy being cerebrally challenged.

Technology is to be embraced completely. Smarter and more efficient ways of improving people’s lives will only carry over and intellectually enhance and grow their minds. We have nothing to fear and everything to gain.

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