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Different methods to prepare baby food

Fresh food is packed with goodness and is a healthy choice for baby. Providing baby with a nutritious, varied diet provides a healthy start to life and can also help to prevent fussiness in regards to certain food types in future life. Home-made baby food provides nutrients and texture to …

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Healthy pantry staples

Certain staple foods are handy to keep in the store cupboard, as they can be used in a wide range of meals. Having a well stocked pantry means delicious, healthy meals can be created any time. Buying staple foods will help to ensure one is eating well without constantly spending a …

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Foods that give you high blood pressure

Today one in three Americans suffers from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. That totals around 67 million people, many of whom don’t realise they are suffering from this disease. A blood pressure reading of over 130/90mmHg is considered high. If you have angina, coronary heart disease, diabetes, kidney …

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Why you need to protect your body against free radicals and how to do it

Although they sound like criminally-inclined political extremists out on bail, free radicals are in fact destructive molecules inside the human body. Like guerrilla warriors, these molecules work undercover to attack and kidnap components of body cells, then recruit those cells to continue the dirty work themselves. Chemical definition They are usually defined …

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What everyone should know about sodium

The negative effects of excessive salt in the body can be life threatening over a long period of time. The body still needs a balance of sodium to survive. Those living with a salt problem should get on a balanced diet with more potassium rich foods and stick to it. …

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Foods that cause a sharp rise in blood pressure

Blood pressure is defined as the pressure that is exerted by the blood against the arteries, which are the blood vessels carrying blood. Different conditions determine the blood pressure of the patient, namely the elasticity of arteries, blood’s viscosity and the heartbeat of the patient. The blood pressure of a healthy person …

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How to stop your blood pressure from soaring

Today’s world is changing fast. People are so busy and time is of the essence. Never before has it been this easy to grab food on the run. But are you thinking about what is in that food and what you are putting into your body? Those salty, fatty foods everyone loves …

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A long life and how to attain it

Living a long life with the gift of good health should never be taken for granted. It is with wisdom, common sense, care and sometimes good genes, that an individual can help prolong life. A life that is naturally prolonged based on the individual’s lifestyle choices can be a great and beneficial one in which the …

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When to call your doctor or go to the emergency room

Aches and pains are a part of everyday life, especially as one ages. Not wanting to be labeled a hypochondriac might cause you to brush off pain and “tough it out,” or self-diagnose and self-medicate. For minor aches and pains, which you can identify as the price you’ve paid for …

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