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Best Ways to Cut down on Lifes Stresses

Stress is an evil thing that every person has to live with. But you don’t have to live with it, you can fight back stress in many ways. For example, using leisure activities to reduce stress, stress reducing methods, and exercise. Having a nice fun activity not just reduces stress …

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Benefits of Sunlight – Essential

Yes, sunlight is essential for health. But, why? There is a lot more that Sun provides us with, other than daylight, sun burns and skin cancer. Is sunlight essential for health? Absolutely! There have been scientific experiments that have led to the conclusion that sunlight is essential for health. As …

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Bean Recipe best Nutritious Cheap Inexpensive

Though ever so humble, beans are beautiful as an economical source of fiber, folic acid, vitamin E and iron. Both filling and versatile, beans get a boost when mixed or served with other grains, such as rice, barley, or cracked wheat, to become a biologically complete protein. Dried beans are …

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Your Guide to the Farmers Market

Going to a local farmer’s market is a fun activity for the whole family. Some farmer’s market are so huge there are literally hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of products, from locally grown fruits and vegetables to gourmet baked goods, shellfish and hand-crafted house wares. Some even offer entertainment, …

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Health Benefits for being Assertive

If you have an assertive personality and is always confident when dealing with people, your heart and nervous system would thank you. You are not one to say to yourself afterwards “I hope he didn’t think I was trying to flirt with him. He is married for Pete’s sake!” A …

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How to Lift your Spirits in 10 Easy Ways

Since none of us have a telephone booth to change into superman, or a magic lasso to know the truths in life, we as mere mortals need a few suggestions to lift up our spirits and learn to smile at life. This is a short list of ideas to help …

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Teen Wellness

The teen years are filled with extreme growth, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, it is especially important for teenagers to take care of their bodies through the inside and the out. Wellness can be achieved through the following: 1. Eating well Eating a healthy diet can help you achieve excellent …

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A Guide to the best Ways to Stay Healthy

Your Prescription: Look at the sky. Breathe slowly and deeply. Contemplate “nothing”. Drink clean water. Exercise strenuously. Voluntarily serve the needs of others. Eat fresh raw organic food. Smell and taste delightful plants. Celebrate creatively. Have regular contact with children. Give and receive massage. Imagine how you intend to feel. …

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Benefits of Steam Shower

Step into a steam shower and feel your whole being begin to unwind as the health benefits of a steam shower slowly take over and begin to relax your mind and body. The humidity that is created is a wow factor as a health benefit for the respiratory system. The …

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