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Healthy Habits for Extending your Life

Everyone wants to live longer with a greater quality of life. There are many things one can do to increase our chances of living longer and be fit into the bargain. What can one do to increase our longevity? First, for those who smoke cigarettes, is to stop immediately. No …

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Healthy Eating Tips

In this busy, high-stress life healthy eating habits tend to be put on the back burner. Experts agree that healthy eating habits are the key ingredient to a good and balanced lifestyle. Here are some tips to make healthy eating easy while you’re on the go. Plan Your Meals Ahead …

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10 Reasons You’re Sick of Sex and Ways to Combat them

Sex and romance are extremely important in a relationship. Sure, things like trust, friendship, and striving for the same goals together are important, too, but you can have those with a close personal friend. A marriage or a committed relationship should be special, with a deep intimacy that can only …

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How to Relax your Everyday Schedule with Music Therapy

Music has always been able to convey a message or words when words seem unattainable for said feeling or situation.. and it’s true. Sometimes lyrics can be used from songs that know to explain certain feelings when most can’t or couldn’t, or it might fit into a situation I’m in. There’s all kinds …

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Making Meal Preparation Quick and Easy

Many families today are pressed for time, whether it is time spent together or preparing homework or perhaps a mad dash out the door once Mom gets home from work to soccer, ballet or tennis practice. As a side effect, these families are seeing an increase in take out foods …

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Why People Feel Sleepy after Eating

On an episode of the cartoon show “The Boondocks,” the boys’ grandpa starts a restaurant called “The Itis.” He decides to name his restaurant this because when people finished eating, they could fall asleep on the beds, right in the restaurant, for thirty minutes at a time. In real life, …

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Skinny but Fat

Our modern society is obsessed with being thin,’ and we’ve got the magazine models and Hollywood celebrities screaming that fact in our face. Yet we have to realize one truth when it comes to personal health. Being thin is not necessarily being healthy. THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING OBESE Let’s first …

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Tips for Sleeping better

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, approximately 40 million people suffer from some type of sleep disorder yearly. Therefore, there are a lot of people searching for tips for sleeping better. I was one of those 40 million, until I finally found the secrets to a good nights …

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