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The Definition of a Blog

According to Jonathan Yang (author of “Rough Guide to Blogging”), a blog is “a special kind of website”, with the main page consiting of “entries, or posts, arranged in a reverse chronological order”. Entries are, generally “chunks of text”, often with links to other websites, though photos are often included”, …

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The Pros and Cons of V2k

Voice to mind or V2K was developed in the 1940s for the military. To be used in combat for soldiers to hear each other without the enemy overhearing anything. It is all done in their mind. Unfortunately, V2K has got into the wrong hands and is being used on innocent …

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Biography Jay Glenn Miner

Circuit designer Jay Glenn Miner is best known as the father of the Amiga game system. He also pioneered the field of multimedia computer chips. Early life Miner was born on May 31, 1932, in Prescott, Arizona, although his family moved to Southern California shortly after his birth. Service in …

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How Technology has Affected Tourism

Technology has affected tourism by directly influencing the ability of potential tourists to not only discover potential destinations, but travel there easily after investigating them at their leisure. With instant information, reliable travel networks, and great tools to overcome language and cultural barriers, the travel of today is far improved …

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The Components of a Robot

Robots are both alike and different from how organisms are ‘built’. Most typical robots have a body, a brain/computer system to execute commands, and a nervous/electrical system to deliver the electrical signals from the brain to the various parts of the body. From there, just as animals have various other …

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What Big Data Means for Law Enforcement

With information technology constantly getting more advanced, law enforcement needs to keep up with trends to be able to evolve with the criminals. Data is used in a multitude of ways and law enforcement agencies use this to track criminals, statistics and investigations. This area of law enforcement is worked …

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Why Computers are Frustrating

Many people think that the latest computers, laptops and blackberries are a God-send. And gosh, they are. What could be more handy than writing up your work on a computer or laptop, transferring it onto a memory stick, and being able to work on it wherever you can? But, although …

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Advantages to getting a Computer

Oh, precious little computer. You crash on me, you turn programs off without warning, you erase my epic e-mails just as they’re about to be completed, you do the same to my articles which makes me want to throttle you and you seem capable of screwing up in just about …

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Hospital Gadgets

Gadgets are the future, we use them daily at home, in the workplace, in the car etc. Now that technology is advancing more and more they are becoming more frequent to use. A lot of money is invested into gadgets and technology every year, Hospitals are one of the main …

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