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Graphics Card Upgrade Tips

Nvidia vs Ati The battle between these two major chip manufacturers is intense but at the moment it’s all one way traffic in Nvidia’s favour and I will tell you why. However it has not always been this way and I would think it would be interesting to reminisce about …

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The Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

Children growing up in today’s society probably cannot even remember a time when the internet did not exist, when cassette players were used to listen to music, or when the Sega Mega Drive was the must-have Christmas gift. Technology changes extremely quickly, so that as soon as a person has …

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What Computer Compatibility Means and its Importance

Compatibility and incompatibility are terms we often hear, related to computers. But what do these terms really mean, and why is compatibility important? There are several kinds of compatibility, which basically means that they are designed to work with the other components of the system. Hardware, including peripherals like the …

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Robots Robotics Asimov Science Fiction and Robotics Turing

The history of robots is not merely an example of life imitating art, it is a tale of technology imitating life. Science fiction brought us the robot, introduced us to the morality of robotics and the question of mechanical consciousness, and has consistently explored the potential applications, and potential dangers, …

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Explain Data Mining what is Data Mining

Money and data have a lot in common. If you only have a little bit, adding even a little bit more will make a big difference. If you have a lot, adding just a little bit more may not be noticed. The more you have of each however, the more …

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Inventions that Changed how Peole use Computers

When computers were first invented, they didn’t know how to do much more than crunch numbers; every invention since that time has made it progressively easier to interact with them. One of the first such inventions was a means for computer programmers to get their programs into the computer and …

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Technology does not Impoverish the Intellect – No

It is easy to blame technology for limited intellectual curiosity, which is a sign of an impoverished mind. Impoverished minds actually exist long before a new technology is made available. In other cases, a lack of resources prevents access to technology in the first place! With developments in mathematics, the …

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Nanotechnology Benefits

What You Can’t See Might Heal You Imagine millions of tiny devices – each a thousandth of the diameter of human hair – at work in your body changing the very structure of the nutrients you consume to make them healthier. You could eat a piece of chocolate cake, for …

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