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Robotic Components and how to Build a Robot

As a robotics enthusiast for both hobby and profession, I know much about the components of a basic robot that most people could build under the cost of $200. The components of of a robot all depend on what type of robot you are building. The first question you should …

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Is there a Digital Divide – No

The digital divide is shrinking more and more every year. The access to technology of all forms is becoming easier and cheaper as developments continue. The computers are becoming easier to use as are items such as mp3s,personal organisers and digital computers. Digital technology is available and is used by …

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What is a Bayesian Network

Bayesian networks are graphic models that purport a specific variable/hypothesis’ probability. Bayesian networks are applied in several disciplines including computer programming, medical diagnosis, search algorithms and even business management. Bayesian networks provide an illustration of interconnected random variables which play an important role in computer science and decision making in …

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Tips to becoming a more Efficient Computer User

Now, you are no longer beginners in computers, nor do you say stuffs like “Look at how amazing this interface is! Back in my days, blah blah blah.” You now want to use the computer efficiently to finish what you want quickly. Let’s discuss how to do that. By the …

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Introduction to Mp3s and Bitrates

Introduction – First things first: what is an mp3? Many people use ‘mp3’ as a term synonymous to ‘music file’ or simple ‘song’. This is completely inaccurate – mp3 is simply one way of encoding a song. Other ways include the m4a (also called aac) and wma formats. These three …

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Technology and its Impact on our Values

Though it may pose to be a dramatic comparison, today’s society is practically plugged into the Matrix with modern technologies and conveniences. Let’s begin with communication. Writing letters, and even telephone conversations have been over run with text messaging and email technology. It all came to me when I wrote …

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Is Nerdic really a new Global Language

The science and technology sections of world newspapers have all been running articles about the supposed “new” global language called “Nerdic”. My question asks, is this really a “new language”? It is said by technology and linguistic experts in England and other realms of Europe, that a new world language …

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Understanding Virtualization

Virtualization, to put it simply, is using one physical computer to function as multiple systems, each totally independent. A virtual machine was originally defined by Popek and Goldberg as “an efficient, isolated duplicate of a real machine”. The software layer which enables this is referred to as a ‘hypervisor’ and …

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