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Choosing a Laptop Case

This is not a difficult task, people!
Laptops are specifically designed to be portable. However, the simple flip-top is not enough to protect it from all the dangers it will encounter while being carried. Keep a couple easy things in mind when picking out your laptop case, and your laptop will travel well with you wherever you go.

Different types of cases serve different purposes. It’s important to choose a case that fits your needs. Always make sure to choose a case that fits your laptop snugly, as any shifting in the case itself during handling has the potential to damage your machine.

Types of Laptop Cases

Slipcovers, or slipcases, are like a second skin for your laptop. Usually made out of a soft, durable material, like a layer of neoprene, there are basically made as a light layer of protection for your laptop. These slipcases work well when you need to put your laptop in a bigger bag that wasn’t necessarily designed to carry it, like a backpack or small suitcase. These cases keep gunk away from your machine and offer a minimal level of protection, acting as a sleeve.

Messenger-style bags often have a special compartment for laptops, usually with an extra strap for added security to hold the laptop in place. These types of bags generally have an over-the-shoulder carrying option, like a mail carrier’s bag, as well as a handle. Messenger bags can also have other pockets for carrying books and miscellaneous items, which comes in handy for the student and businessperson. Messenger bags are often taken as casual bags, depending on design and style. The level of protection offered by messenger bags varies according to the strength of the material.

Briefcase type cases go well with the business professional. They can appear as a traditional briefcase, but with a special inside strap like in the messenger bag to secure the laptop. These cases are usually sturdy and strong. For the ladies, there are large purse type cases for your laptop that offer functionality without sacrificing style. There are a variety of professional-looking bags made of leather and other materials for both women and men.

Backpack-type cases usually have the appearance of a book bag of backpack on the outside, but have a reinforced laptop compartment on the inside. These bags also have room for other necessities like books and all the other junk we carry around, and are easy to carry. They also have the advantage of disguising what you are carrying-maybe not intentionally, but a laptop is a valuable piece of equipment, and thieves don’t usually suspect a backpack to contain a laptop.

When choosing a laptop case, remember what you’ll be using it for. Laptop cases are a good investment; after all, you’re probably carrying more than a thousand dollar’s worth of equipment. Two things to keep in mind when picking out your case: structure and function. How does it look, and what does it do!

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