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Computers are Frustrating

There is no denying the fact that our generation was born into a life full of luxuries that our parents never dreamed of having. The ability to read articles,download music or shop online makes all our lives so much easier. It’s true that the more recent your born, the more advantages you have in life. Computers have made all of our lives so much more convenient, however, that doesn’t mean that they can’t frustrate us from time to time. For a person with little computer experience, it may seem like these frustrating timesoccur much more often. You may be surfing around the web when something catches your attention and you decide to click on it. After the page loads, a little message pops up saying: “Your computers has detected a virus”. Let the aggravation begin…

One of the biggest problems with personal computers is the fact that it’s so difficult for older people who haven’t had any experience with computers to “jump in” and start surfing the web. It certainly isn’t the easiest task to make something with so much power so “user-friendly”, but for people who lack computer experience, the everyday problems that we tend to run into on our computers seem a lot more devastating. Luckily, this group will become smaller over time, because of how the younger generations are taught computer skills at such a yoong age.

As for some of the everyday frustrating problems computers can bring, nothing gets worse than receiving a virus of some sort. Anti virus software doesn’t always come packaged with a computer. Sometimes, the anti virus software a person has doesn’t work properly and they don’t realize it until after they get a virus. Heck, some anti virus software causes more problems than it prevents. Viruses usually begin to pop up when we start viewing the sites that we “have a feeling” are dangerous, but that doesn’t stop a lot of us from going to a site anyway. The day Anti virus software becomes more user friendly and better at preventing viruses is the day a lot of our frustrations will end.

In addition to viruses, it’s always frustrating when we run into a computer problem that we can’t solve on our own. If a program fails to install successfully or an application refuses to work, it can seem like nobody you know has the answers you’re looking for. The truth is, computers are just so complicated that it’s impossible to make everything associated with them simple and easy. The only way one can make their time using a computer less frustrating is to take the time to learn everything there is to know about what their using their computer for. There really isn’t any shortcuts.

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