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Corporate Blog Corporate Blogging Corporate Blog Pros Corporate Blog Cons Blogging

Corporate blogs have recently gained popularity. A number of businesses use corporate blogs to reveal more aspects of their activities, to gain clients and popularity. Yet, is the corporate blog a tool that brings solely advantages? Are there any risks related to corporate blogging?

Assessing the pros and cons of corporate blogging could be difficult. The manner in which the blog produces results depends entirely on the manner in which it is written and maintained.

A corporate blog is an inexpensive and popular marketing tool. Simultaneously, it could ruin the credibility and image of a company. These are the main pros and cons that one should consider before starting a corporate blog.


Efficient marketing 

A corporate blog is one of the best marketing tools available on the web. Maintaining the blog costs little. It helps for the creation of brand awareness and for the presentation of information deemed inappropriate for a company’s website.

Combining corporate blogging with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will guarantee good exposure to the interested web audience. A blog is less formal than a corporate website. Businesses can easily publish detailed information about their services and could answer the questions of clients.

Interaction with clients 

The ambiance of a blog is much less formal than the style of a website. As a result, communication with potential clients and business partners is facilitated.

A blog allows readers to leave feedback and to ask questions. This valuable input can help company representatives decide on their marketing and promotion strategy.

Polls and surveys 

A corporate blog can be used to sample the opinions of clients about specific products and services.

Corporate blogging can take the form of a client survey, without costing the company a fortune. Asking the right questions will enable business representatives to communicate with customers and to learn more about their interests and needs.

Appealing to a younger audience 

Blogging is something that young people understand and enjoy. Starting a corporate blog can help a company appeal to its younger clients.

Corporate blogging differs from traditional marketing strategies. The lack of formality and grand advertising slogans usually pleases the younger Internet users. They are given the chance to learn more about a company, to interact with its experts and to state their opinions. The web is dynamic and this feature turns it into the perfect medium for attracting younger customers.


Time consuming 

Starting and maintaining a corporate blog could be time consuming and difficult. It would be unrealistic to expect results immediately – a blog will need several months to get indexed well and to start attracting an audience.

A company needs to develop a strategy and to assign the task of blog maintenance to one of its employees. Blogging requires significant writing and SEO knowledge. Corporate blogging is a process that evolves gradually. It requires diligent work in the very beginning, while the results remain insignificant.


The web houses millions of blogs. Many people have difficulties believing in the accuracy of blog postings.

If performed unprofessionally, corporate blogging could affect the company’s image. Questionable blog posts have the power to undermine credibility and to change the opinions of people about specific products and services.

Exposure to criticism 

Though the ability to interact with customers is one of corporate blogging’s advantages, it can turn into a serious setback.

A blog is an open platform. It allows people having malicious intents to publish false information and to belittle individuals and firms.

Dealing with negative comments that corporate blogs sometimes attract could be difficult. A company needs to be able to provide evidence of its qualities and to simultaneously maintain a good tone. Finding the balance is difficult.

Corporate blogging can be very effective but it needs to be undertaken responsibly. Writing a corporate blog requires skills, experience, serious planning and maintenance efforts. The pros can outweigh the cons, as long as the person responsible for the blog knows how to react in a timely and adequate manner.

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