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Daily Habits to keep your Life in Balance

Being in a space to gather peace around is so important in our everyday lives. So many of us are caught up in the day to day rush that we forget to take time to calm ourselves. We must be able to do this in order for our spirits to survive. Be willing to calm yourself and let “you” be.

There are several ways to bring ourselves to that calm center and many ways to find them. People are so ready to give us advice but we have to be able to pick and choose what works for us. We can try many ways and find which ones work for us. I will give you some samples of what works for me and maybe they will work for you also.

I love being around nature so I will take a walk in the woods, listening and feeling everything around me. While I am walking I become aware of the sounds around me. I hear the birds singing their songs and bringing happiness into the world. I will listen to the squirrels chattering and wonder what they are saying. The leaves are rustling and I even hear them when they hit the ground. My soul is free.

I love sitting by a creek where the water is trickling over the rocks. Listen and you can hear the frogs croaking. You can even hear the dragonflys hitting the water and then fluttering around. Sometime I even imagine I hear the fish, although I haven’t quite figured out what sound they make. Do you hear the music I hear?

When I am inside, I will sit quietly and revisit these places every chance I get. They are so vivid and they calm everything around me. There is nothing that can get inside that disturbs me.

Music is also a bringer of peace. I love listening to nature tapes. Soothing sounds with the sounds of the wind, the rain and animals. Howling wolves are always a favorite. The sounds seem to bring out the ancient voices and feelings we all have deep inside of us.

I hope we all have the chance to find the balance we so desperately need in our everyday lives.

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