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Do Computer Occupy too much of our Time

AsI write this article, the answer to this question is certainly clear. I do spent a great deal of time both productively, and ineffectively, I must admit. Many good things can be achieved from this computer in front of which I sit perched. We can publish our work quickly, with built-in guidance. Just a few decades back, the paper would start out blank, and margins needed to be checked and established before one could even begin to be creative. To have a computer program where all you need to d, is open an icon and start your work. I don’t find this to be the downside of the question.

When a feeling of boredom comes around these days, a need to participate in group forums is a popular choice. I do like to write, so even this is not a wasted effort for me in justifying where I spend my time. I can change my thoughts to negative when I think of sites like MySpace, Facebook, and even Twitter. These are what seem to be glorified blogging locations, which we choose to invite people we rarely have spoken with in years, or even complete strangers. We tend to find fault with the ones in our immediate circle, and feel no sense of threat with completely unknown figures. This to me creates a fictional view on life. It may be different if a reunion was to take place at some time, but I don’t really think people involved would prefer this. It is like we all feel the urge to throw the bones of life into a pile, share the good points, and rid the resentment of losing touch we all are guilty of over time.

Now comes the wasted time with gaming on a PC. We can say that playing games can relieve the stress of a days work. This statement could be true, until it is realized just how many works we could have spent with loved ones, or reoccurring tasks that go undone. A true gamer may fight to say why it is so important to continue on in this way, but really how relevant could this answer be? This has become a serious issue for many children, and adults. I think a person can withdraw themselves from human interaction, and push a wedge between the real love ones they share space with.

The term that summarizes a balance here is moderation. To quit cold turkey from all computer use abuse would do in many out there. When it seems like you’ve been active for too long, then take a break from the norm. Take a bike ride. Play a board game. Walk the dog, or maybe even jog. Several choices are out there, and being creative is now the time.

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