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EP10: Gidget dela Llana – “Isn’t She Lovely” (A Stevie Wonder cover) Live at Confessions

This Valentines season, Stages Sessions brings back the SOLD OUT 2016 production that celebrated both love and heartbreak with… Confessions! Now a FULLY-DIGITAL project, Confessions is a production that will feature 28 songs about love and heartbreak performed by over 15 up-and-coming artists. You may want to watch out for the intro because apparently, there are easter eggs

The Stages Sessions is a YouTube channel dedicated for live musical sessions and artists who want to show off something special to their fans. Here, the artist can play something new, something fresh and something out of the ordinary in order for their audience to see a different dimension of their artistry. It’s mainstream stuff, done in an alternative way.

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You can check out Gidget dela Llana on her social media accounts:
Mary Gidget dela Llana
Facebook: Mary Gidget dela Lana
Twitter: @marygidget
Instagram: @gidgetdelallana

Executive Producer: Miguel Jimenez
Producer: Kevin Lumanglas
Film Crew: Joachim Mendoza, Gab Adapon, Genesis Pasion, Bernice Fojas
Sound Engineer: Kevin Lumanglas
Graphic Artists: Shaina Soliva, Trisha Matta, Cee Lambot, Gel Sebastian
Set Design: Bernice Fojas
Production Assistant: Carlo Canlas, Kim Agustin, Yayi Bautista, Faye Galanido, Jamie Garcia, Jorik Katalbas

Join us for Confessions, definitely our work of HEART.

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