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Guilty Pleasures

Procrastinators of the world unite! The snooze button indeed is one of the most guilty pleasures ever invented. Though the actual button itself doesn’t bring much pleasure, it allows us to enjoy a few (usually nine to be exact ) more minutes of peace. It prolongs the dreaded inevitable…getting out of bed!

It all begins with the ultimate in healing activites: sleep! Your body can actually heal and rejuvenate itself during slumber. Get enough sleep, and a person is good as new, “batteries” recharged! But, who actually gets enough sleep? Within hours, a loud, obnoxious “alarm” sounds! Alarm? Why, the name itself means a warning or something to be feared. However, with one swift move of the hand, the snooze button keeps us wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. Physical comfort abounds in our soft flannel pajamas for just a few more moments before the panty hose, neckties, and girdles that bind us are donned. Our fluffy blankets can envelope us just a bit longer, and we hunker down for a little more enjoyment. We know that outside of that soft bed there are bills to pay, relationships to mend, and jobs to do! The alarm reminds us of the noisy calamity that awaits, whether it be the cars honking on the freeway, the machines at our jobs, or the neighbor’s lawn mower. For nine more glorious minutes there will be no bill collectors, phones ringing, or toll booths. These extra minutes may even warrant more smiles from self professed morning haters!

Though the snooze button is a bit of guilty enjoyment, it can be quite practical as well! It allows slow waking, so that the day may be faced with two open eyes, rather than groggy slits. Afterall, why do you think the button is so darned big, anyway? This is so that sleepy dreamers can find the gadget with closed peepers and fuzzy faculties! One would suppose that if the loud alarm heralded all humans to blast out of bed immediately, there would be a great deal of hospital emergency room visits from so called “jumping out of bed” experiences! Certainly, as far as guilty pleasures go, the famed snooze button will never cause cancer, break up a marriage or ruin a checkbook. So, pushing this button, even multiple times, will not make anyone seek Dr. Phil’s advice, nor be featured on a “Behind the Music” segment as a rock star’s demise. These days, my snooze button sees more action in my bedroom than anything else. Guilty? A little. Pleasure? Ahhhhh, yes!

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