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How to be Successful in Achieving your Goals

You have to make intentional and continuous effort for every goal’s success. If you set a goal and do nothing significant for its materialization, your chance of success is slim. Achieving goals is like planting flowers. You need to tend to them, water them, fertilize them, and weed them. Let’s see how you can successfully achieve your goals by tending to them in the right way:

Think Positively
Positive thinking is the rule of thumb to achieving your goals. However, you may find you are more doubtful than confident about yourself most of the time. Such self-doubt often leads to other doubts: “Am I insane to have set such a goal?” Such thinking can significantly weaken the possibility of your success. So, before acting on anything else, work on your mind and confidence first. For example, picture how you will look and feel if you achieve your goals. Having a positive mentality helps you a lot no matter where you are in the pursuit of success.

Your goals are here for some reasons. They are the pillar of your goals. Finding out why you want to achieve your goals make your goals meaningful to you, and you would be more motivated because you know why you are striving. Ask yourself, “Why are the goals so important for me?” If your goal is to double the sales number in the next quarter, why will you have such an intention? Is it to achieve career development, get promotion, or gain salary adjustment? When you truly and fully understand the importance of your goal, you will be closer to success.

Defining your goals is to state your goals in specific terms. For example, if you want to lose weight, your goal statement should be something like, “I want to have 20 pounds off by (a date).” Your goal statement should be specific and measurable, ideally in quantitative measurement. So you have a clear idea of your destination.

Good planning is required for every success. Planning involves two levels of understanding: knowing where you are and how far you are from your goals, and what steps and actions are required to take you there. When you are ready to lay out your action plan, remember that success doesn’t come overnight. Small, gradual steps are always preferable to audacious, unrealistic ones. Small steps allow you moments for breathing, and you will have more opportunities to succeed.

Your goals may change because the situation has changed since you set the goal. Reviewing your goals periodically, probably monthly or quarterly, helps you re-orient yourself and get on track. You can identify the problems you have encountered and measure your progress. With review, you know how far you are behind or ahead, and can make necessary adjustment to ensure your success.

Although many people set goals and fail them quickly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to live in their shadow. When you have the right attitude and take the right steps, you can achieve your goals successfully.

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