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How to Make every Day your Favorite Day

If you ask most people what their favourite day is the majority will go for Friday or Saturday and Sunday. For sure, there won’t be too many takers for Monday but why is this?

Monday is associated with back to work, back to school, back to ‘reality’ and back to the daily grind but does this have to be the case? It seems to be a recipe with all the ingredients of a miserable, self-fulfilling prophesy. Here’s a different approach.

Pick the flowers

How many days in your life have you wasted on anger, depression, frustration or boredom? Each day is a gift which brings fresh possibilities; it flowers briefly, but carelessly, we throw each one away. As you get older, you realise that there are more flowers in the fields behind you than in front but once passed, they can no longer be picked. Recognise the value and beauty of each day.

Change the picture

Many peoples’ lives are stuck. It’s as if they sit at home looking up at a picture they despise and say, ‘How I hate that picture!’ You ask, ‘then why don’t you change it?’ ‘It’s not that simple,’ comes the reply. Maybe it isn’t and maybe it can’t be changed overnight but progress towards it is simple. If you hate your job, think about what you really want instead and create a plan to get there step by step.

Don’t buy collective negativity

On your wet, miserable Monday morning, you get to work and your colleagues set off on the path of bemoaning the day wanting you to look at life through their eyes. Notice negative comments that people make, judgements about how life is and how lousy it’s going to get, then don’t join in and forget it; it’s going nowhere.

Let go of trivia

Each day you probably allow yourself to get upset or frustrated; the bus pulls away just as you arrive; it’s raining, you shopped for a new coat but couldn’t find anything you liked, you wasted two hours and now you’re getting wet – let it go! Think back to this time a year ago; what was annoying you that day? You probably can’t remember, so it probably wasn’t worth getting worked up about.

Don’t deal with toxic people

However, some things are not so easy to let go of. Every now and then someone at work, socially or even family can really bring you down. They are maybe critical, aggressive or just fill a room with negative energy. You can stand your ground and be assertive with such people but very often, they won’t respond. If that’s the case, minimise your involvement with such people and if possible, avoid them altogether.

Surround yourself with images of happiness

Whether you are at work or at home surround yourself with positive images; this could be inspirational quotations, pictures of your favourite holiday destinations and certainly photographs of loved ones. When the urge to get negative comes on you, look at your ‘happy wall’ and think of the pleasure it gives you.

Focus your mind on positive thoughts

Negative thoughts can be very intrusive so replace them with the positives described. Think that you always have a choice which ideas to run with and which ones to throw away – don’t miss the flowers for dwelling on the weeds.

Spend some time every day doing something you really like

Whatever you like and however busy you are, spend a little time doing something you really love doing. It could be reading, gardening, playing an instrument or even watching TV. Even if you can only find a small amount, build in some play time into every day – however old you are!

Make today your favourite day – everyday

So now you’ve arrived at your destination; whether it’s Monday or Friday, Wednesday or Sunday, there will only ever be one shot at today, therefore, you have to make today your favourite day, every day. Have a nice day!

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