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How to take a Screenshot with an Iphone

An iPhone is an amazing tool for consuming content. You have at your fingertips the Internet, games, and other countless applications. While viewing content is as easy as can be, sharing content can be a little tricky. How many times have you played a game, achieved a high score, then proceeded to brag to your friends? And how many of your friends believed you, and how many of them required proof? Now when one of your friends tauntingly says, “I don’t believe you, no one can be this good at a game!”, you can take a screenshot of your high score and send it to them.

An iPhone screenshot does exactly what the name implies. It directly captures the contents of your screen exactly as you see them, and puts the resulting image into your “Photos” application. In order to take a screenshot of your phone, your phone has to be a certain software version or newer. Any iOS software that is below version 2.0 will not be able to take screenshots. In order to find your software version, go to your “Settings” application. Scroll down and press “General”, then “About”, and scroll down until you see a header called “Version”. If your version number is larger than 2.0, then you can capture screenshots.

In order to capture a screenshot, you should navigate to your content so that what you see on the screen is exactly what you want in the screenshot. Once you have decided what you want, you will need to simultaneously press the “Home” and the “Sleep/Wake” button. If you are unable to press both at the same time, there is another button combination that is available to you. First hold down the “Home” button. Then, as quickly as you can, press the “Sleep/Wake” button while still holding down the “Home” button. Pressing both of these at the same time will cause your screen to flash a bright white for a short duration, much like a camera flash. This flash indicates that you have successfully taken a screenshot. You can take many screenshots in a short duration, just press the two buttons together faster and more often. Your screenshots will be saved in your “Photos” application. To access them, press “Photos”, then “Camera Roll”, and your screenshot should appear in the list of your photos. 

If you want to transfer the screenshot(s) to your computer, you will need the USB cable that came with your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your computer using this cable. If you have a PC, use a photo application to import your pictures. If you are using a Mac, your pictures can be imported using iPhoto or Image Capture by pressing the “Import” button.

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