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How to Wake up Early

If you are serious about getting up early in the morning, then drastic measures need to be taken. You could set a hundred alarm clocks next to your bed but once you turn them off, you fall right back asleep. You could even try to get to bed earlier and cut down on caffeine, but you still wake up at the crack of noon. Forget the usual advice and do one of two things to make sure you get up earlier in the morning

Get A Pet

There’s nothing like a dog or a cat to scream, whine, paw, or fart in your face in order to give you the motivation to get your butt out of the bed. Birds will help you do this, too, even when in a cage. They will just start shrieking for their breakfast as soon as they realize the sun is up. Even guinea pigs in their cages will turn on the WHHEEEKKKK alarm which could raise the dead.

Once you’re up and moving, you get to see how happy the pets are that you are mobile. This gives you the encouragement to keep on moving. Their happiness and energy is contagious. Pets tend to be so happy at the coming of a new day, that they readily share this enthusiasm with their people. Whether their people are equally enthused is a matter of little importance to them.

Eventually, after moving around to let the dog out, feed the pets’ breakfast or just say hello, you begin to feel your eyeballs slide forward in their sockets and realize that you are waking up. Keep on moving or talking to your pets and they will do their best to help keep you awake.

That’s the secret of waking up early getting out of bed before your brain realizes what you are doing. You are acting on instinct to shut the pet up. They trigger your instincts for you to get moving. All you need to do is keep on moving once your pets get you up. That way you won’t quickly fall back asleep.

Other Pet Alternatives

There are some pets that are nocturnal, so they won’t be able to help you get up early in the morning. They include sugar gliders, hamsters, scorpions and some reptiles. These pets are great for night shift workers. Some cats won’t try to wake you up unless they know that when you get up in the morning, they get fed. It only takes once to have them get the idea.

You may have been told that having kids will also guarantee that you are dragged out of bed early in the morning, but let’s not get crazy. Kids may be cute when they’re small, but they always grow into teenagers. And then you’ll need a while Noah’s Ark of pets in order to try and wake up a teenager in the morning.

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