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Music as Therapy

Music has the ability to trigger emotions, bring back memories, or transport someone back in time. There are songs that you create a strong emotional attachment to because those songs were there with you when you were experiencing an important event. Your first wedding dance song will always trigger that vision in your head of you and your spouse happily embraced and looking forward to a life together. Music is therapy because good music triggers emotion in people. If you ask any successful recording artist what their secret is, they will tell you that they believe their music makes an emotional connection with their audience.

It is that ability to trigger an emotional response in people that makes music such an important form of daily therapy for many people. People often carry what they refer to as their music around with them at all times to help them cope with their day. Music has become such an important element in daily life that now our mobile telephones are being created with the ability to carry our music for us wherever we go. The need for music to soothe our nerves is rivaled only by our almost frantic need to communicate with each other, on an almost constant basis.

Today, you see people walking the streets with white earbuds in their ears attached to their MP3 players. The need to block out the real world and only be exposed to our favorite music is so intense that we now carry our music with us wherever we go, and use our music to block out the sounds of the real world. Being able to listen to music has started to replace that first cup of coffee as the coping mechanism many people use to start their day, and then be able to get to the end of their busy daily schedule. It is almost unheard of to find a vehicle that does not have some sort of music playing device installed in it where the owner can control what music is being heard.

Without a CD player in their car, or a portable MP3 player connected to their ears, people will frantically search the radio stations looking for music that can help them calm down and cope with every day life. The right music can take you back to a place in your mind that is complete tranquility, music can be the vehicle you use to find the place in your mind that makes you totally happy. For many people, the results are almost instantaneous. People experiencing a stressful day will turn on their portable MP3 player and instantly have a smile on their face as they close their eyes and relieve their tension.

Very few things in this world offer such a strong emotional response as music, and that is why the relaxing effects of music are so sought after. As long as people have their music to retreat to, they can find a way to get through the rest of the day.

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