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Natural Ways to Elevate Progesterone

My own personal experience with using natural progesterone cream has been interesting. I don’t take time off work to visit the doctor’s office as frequently as you’re supposed to. I spent a lot of years working as a cowgirl, and as anyone who knows me will tell you I tend to be on the independent side. I work in construction now and have been having mood swings, and trouble with my short term recall. My stress levels are most likely too high to be healthy, I work hard, which is good for me, but my work has badly disrupted my family life and my eating habits are more unhealthy. I put on a lot of weight in the last two years. Weight gain is a symptom of too much estrogen. I had quite a few headaches the first day of my period. Really bad headaches that were very difficult to stop, requiring medicating myself several times, with different over the counter medications. Generally I can stop any headache with three Ibuprofen, but with these headaches that wasn’t enough. Having headaches is also a symptom of excess estrogen. My body was also giving off a very offensive oder during my periods. Simply lovely when your job requires working with a lot of guys. So, I got a book and did a self diagnosis as being high in estrogen and low in progesterone. I started out with a very low dose of progesterone cream that I bought at the grocery store. I only used about half the recommended dosage for about two months, and I started to notice some changes but I was still getting the headaches. Then I ran out for a month, I had moved to a different town and I couldn’t locate a new supply. Well all the previous symptoms came back and they were even more upsetting because I had forgotten how bad they had bothered me. I found a supplier online, they will send you a regular supply every couple of months so that you don’t forget to order and run out of the cream. Which as I found out is very disruptive. I have been back on progesterone cream and upped my dosage to almost the recommended dosage and even the headaches went away this time. However, I am trying to get my doctor to work with me and do blood work or saliva to monitor how well he thinks I’m doing. I’m sure that there are dangers to using progesterone cream and that’s why I used such a low dosage to start with and have gradually increased the dosage to get the results that I need. My mood swings were a real problem for me, and at my age they may well be for some time to come. If anyone can tell me why they call a hysterectomy a hysterectomy, without mentioning emotions, I will buy them lunch. The Greeks called the womb a hystera. That is a whole other topic, but as I do not want to be called a hysterical female, I will keep doing what I can myself to make sure I can deal emotionally with whatever life throws my way.

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