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Shutdown Day can you go without your Computer for one Day

As technology advances and our lives are made easier, we tend to think of technology as necessities. That is why, if all computers on earth were to completely shut down, I would find my life to be the most different it has ever been.

I grew up with the computer. It truly is an invention of the 1990s. Unfortunately, I cannot think about life before a computer because I have always lived with one. What does a computer do for us? If we want to type, we could use the typewriter. If we want to play video games, we could probably use a video game console.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the computer is a person’s ability to access the internet. But, because of the wide availability of smartphones, people don’t really need a full-size computer wherever they go. However, computers are much better than smartphones because they are full-size. A person can use a smartphone to browse the internet, but typing on a small screen is not as convenient as typing on a full-size keyboard.

As a twenty-first century university student, I think of the computer as a basic necessity. Whatever I need to do, I do it on a computer. If I need to write an essay, I don’t need to pick up either pen or paper. I can just turn on my computer, and type away. I use my computer on a daily basis. I feel like I have to check my e-mail every three hours. If I need to find out some information, then I can do so by going online on my computer.

I think that I can go one day without my computer, but if I had to be without, it would have to be during the times that I don’t need to do anything for my schoolwork. It is only because of convenience that I don’t want to go without my computer for even one day, but if I did not have to do all my schoolwork on the computer, then I do truly believe that I can live without it.

But, does all this mean that I really need my computer? I can’t go without my computer for one day, but is it because I have been misguided? Perhaps. If I had led a life without knowing what a computer was, then I probably would not feel like I need it. But, because I am part of the generation that grew up with the emergence of the advanced computer and because I grew up in a country in which many people can have access to a computer, I feel like the computer has become another appendage to my body.

At any rate, I am sure that I do not need my computer. It is only through force of habit and because of convenience that I think I need it. If I had to go one day or one month or one year without my computer, then so be it. But as long as it is around and working, then I might as well use it.

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