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Stay Healthy when Unemployed

Humans are a fickle species.  A lot of us have no problem spending money on what others tell us is a better vehicle, a larger TV, or a brand of clothing that will make us someone we want to be. However, when it comes to food it is the first item we tend to spend less on and often the last item we want to spend time researching.

Before the Internet, ignorance was bliss. Many of us simply thought if it is in the stores (in other words approved by the FDA) it could not be bad for us. While improvements in technology have created a plethora of food choices – good and bad – these advances also give us the tools to find out what is in our foods.

Now, with all this information available we should have become a healthier species, but the opposite is actually true. The Center of Disease Control reports that during the past 20 years there has been a steady increase in obesity in the United States. It is also no secret that economic circumstances have left many individuals and their families with less income.

From personal observation I can say that unfortunately less income leads to even more unhealthy food choices. Many people turn to the dollar menus of their favorite fast food restaurants to feed their families on a regular basis, because they want to save money. Ironically, those same people, when they were making good money, said they had no time for planning and preparing meals and still turned to fast food, take out, and processed foods.

If you are like me and find yourself unemployed, why not break that cycle? Being unemployed can actually lead to a healthier lifestyle, if you can get past the excuses. If you find yourself unemployed, chances are you still have plenty of time in your day (even after job searching and interviews) to put some thought into what you eat.

Does it not cost more to eat healthy? Not necessarily. For the same three dollars that buys you a burger meal you can pick up a whole bunch of vegetables. If you spend a dollar more per pound for grass fed beef you will find it won’t shrink as much when you cook it. Instead of drinking carbonated drinks and overly sweetened “juice” drinks that masquerade as fruit juice, you can drink water. You can also lose weight by walking more and leaving your car at home, which saves you gas money and is friendlier for the environment.

These are just a few suggestions. The bottom line is that if you find yourself unemployed you can evaluate your life and make some changes for a healthier you. Use this time wisely and educate yourself. Who knows, you may find that cooking at home and creating new recipes can be fun and lead to a new passion in your life.

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