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Technology and Environment

Today, it is hard to find a technology that brings short term benefits to the population without harming the environment, which is equivalent to harming the long term.We live in a more and more competing global economy. Scientists and the public have become increasingly concerned about the risk that certain changes in the environment poses.

The subject of harmful environment change is a serious global problem that has factors that warrant recognition from public administrators. Many of the most serious threats to the environment are direct consequences of modern technology and their uses. The modern industries have found increasingly difficult to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

A modern industry consists of technology and individuals formed to accomplish some objective. Competing effectively in the future will depend on the ability of the public to use its material and human resources more efficiently, and particularly on its being able to adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology and market conditions.

This means, among other things, that firms must become sufficiently flexible to shift production directly from one item to another and that they must be able to create items economically in relatively small quantities. This in turn, requires a different job style from that found on conventional twentieth century equipment lines. Developing technologies, computerization, robotics, information technologies, will figure prominently in the workplace changes that will happen.

Main problems of these unsustainable technologies are that they were developed based on an ‘phenomenal’ design and to achieve short term benefits. The truth is advanced technology has created a lot of the most noticeable quality. This wealth is based on perpetrating artificial products in the shortest-term interests of value addition. Artificial always was and always remains starkly antithetical to real, essence of truth and knowledge.

The latest technology generated a vast wealth of techniques for wrestling the production of certain desired effects from intervening in the natural environment. But only incidentally it has this uncovered knowledge about the actual pathways of nature that people did not possess before. However, it is not difficult to develop sustainable technologies following the newly developed sustainability criteria.

A corresponding application is needed to find ways to modify technology so as to reduce the chances it affords for hurting the environment without weakening its effectiveness in adhering human requirements.Environmentally sustainable growth with equity, in a democracy, is not only profitable but possible. New anti-pollution technologies hold considerable promise for the environment.

An integrated approach to policy can produce a cleaner environment, stronger economy, and a sufficient supply of energy for our future. As governments of industrialized countries act to promote the competitiveness of their economies, they see the need to create or enhance a climate for innovation.

We have to do everything possible, to check the power, wealth, and the fruits of growth are concentrated such a way to restrict the freedom of present or future generations, who harming the environment in which they must live and prosper. We think it is also applicable to people who make policy and researchers with needs and concentrations in this area.

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