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Technology in our ever Changing World

Technology runs rampant throughout our lives. New cell phones and computers designed to make our lives easier, inundate us. Not to mention, new brain laboratories seem to be popping up designed to study how and what we think.

According to various studies regarding information technology, and its ready-made accessibility, frontal lobe activity is stimulated while surfing the Internet. Unfortunately, the same studies depict once the activity has been stimulated, it never digressesmaking concentration on specific activities somewhat bewildering because focus is not as easily maintained as it was before the stimulation. What then, are the lasting physical effects that such conveniences bring?

The adverse physical health effects of technology are still vague; however, some studies have linked long-term exposure to radio waves from cell phones with male impotency. Similarly, laptops and PCs have been linked to physical discomfort from long term usage. Moreover, extended computer usage has been connected with tunnel vision, a side effect attributed to staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Furthermore, a more serious condition that could lead to heart attack, blood clots, has been shown to develop in the legs from sitting for long periods without movement.

Some preventative steps for reducing such health risks include: getting up from the computer to stretch ailing muscles, shifting attention periodically to relax the eyes, and trimming computer usage into multiple sessions. In addition, insuring a properly positioned chair as well as making use of a document holder, will minimize neck strain and help maintain proper posture for years to come.

Understanding the physical aspects of technology help, but it is also important to understand the uses for technology in or livesgood or bad. A closer look at technology shows that it has changed how people, young and old, now view this ever-changing world.

For years, people had strictly zoned out to the television as a source for amusement. In the last decade, people have reached out to the latest gaming devices and websites on the Internet. The Internet, which imparts a myriad of social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter, has captivated global audiences by its unique appeal. These websites, which allow individuals from different backgrounds to become close friends by providing a platform for connection and grouping individuals according to likes and dislikes, create a common thread while still allowing a semblance of privacy.

Chat rooms and online dating services are no different; however, people who visit those sites do so for a specific purposeto connect romantically. Some estimates show that the influx of web-based dating is responsible for 120,000 marriages a year; nevertheless, not all Internet activity is positive.

In somewhat bewildering news, technology has made it all too convenient for those with ill will to commit crimes, which have flourished with the induction of widespread Internet usagecrimes, like identity theft, stalking or fraud.

Overall, it should be understood that technology is here to stay. Despite the negativity that surrounds the use of technology in our lives, the manner in which we approach technology will have a direct effect on how well we live. It is like anything, too much of a good thing is a bad thing; learning healthy approaches to technology will allow each of us to reap the rewards of technology in the present while remaining healthy enough to experience future developments.

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