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Technology Internet Computers Society Digital Life Controlled Control Computer Everyday – Yes

A society would not be considered a society unless is grows and progresses as our technological capabilities grow and progress. With this statement being so evidently true, I would definitely say yes; our society has become controlled by technology. We see it everywhere we turn. It seems like just about everyone has a cell phone, laptop, pda, smart phone, or videogame system that in some fashion becomes that gravitational center of our everday lives.

People seem to find it easier to drop a quick email or text message to somebody than it is to simply pick up the phone and ask ‘How are you?’. Many peoples sit at their computers of the evening and browse through the online stores that belong to the same ‘brick and mortor’ stores at the mall. Why? Because it is more convenient. It is quicker, and a lot less of a hassle to shop in the privacy of your own home, only to have your items delivered to your door step in a day or two.

Technology has also opened the doors to small businesses. More and more people seem to be making the jump into creating a small niche or business online. The ability to sit down and fire up a small business (or a money-making hobby) is as easy as setting up an eBay account. Our banking has become a matter of logging in to your account to see what you’ve spent during the day. Instead of sitting down at the kitchen table with a calculator and notepad to balance the check book.

The increasing trend of everything being technology driven is not slowing down. This generation of children are growing up in a time where knowledge is absolutely limited to the very desire of wanting to ‘google it’. Or study partners may mean hooking up on the web via webcam to share ideas and project information. Anything you could possibly want is a click, point, or web address away from being attainable. Our traffic lights, weather alerts, tv programming, credit card billing, utility payments,and computer downloads are all automated by computers and technology. From our healthcare to fast food restaurants; everything is driven by computers. Have you been to a drive thru window lately; only to be greeted by a friendly sounding computerized female voice. Then when you start to order, a gruff man’s voice comes through the speaker box to complete the order. We have quickly become spoiled to our technology. Don’t like what you see on tv? Simply point your remote at the tv and order a new show or movie on demand. Quick and easy, and all technology based.

Interested in learning a new language, or taking a course at the local college. Simply join up online, pay your tuition and off you go to a wonderland of knowledge. All brought to you via technology. It seems almost common place to be able to use gps or bluetooth devices anywhere. Now, imagine all of these ‘little’ things that we use everyday. And think about the what if’s. What if there were no email services, instant messaging services, cell phones, or wireless internet access? What if the texting craze had never caught on? What if we actually had to put a little effort into things like shopping or doing that book report last minute? Our everyday lives would utterly be out of control. With all of these examples, I believe that our society as a whole, is controlled by technology.

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