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The Pursuit of Happiness Wealth and Power Success your Share of Happiness the Present Moment

The pursuit of happiness is what drives many to accumulate wealth and power with the idea that once reached, they will be happy.

But happiness is elusive. Success does bring a measure of happiness, but it is short-lived. Disappointment sets in and the urge to want more drives people to extend themselves to reach for unreasonable expectations.

Happiness is elusive simply because many base it on physical things. It’s more a matter of how you look at the world and how you see yourself and your place in the world. You can still be miserable even if you have all the money you need. Joy is based on your mental outlook on life.

Everyone deserves to be happy. But few ever experience it. The pursuit of money, the constant worries of bills and working a dead-end job is guaranteed to keep happiness far from you.

To find your share of happiness, you need to realize what happiness really is before you can have it.

Happiness Depends on your Outlook

It’s a state of mind. The world is filled with misery. You will always face trouble. That’s a part of life as a human being. If you look at your problems as it you’re the only one who is persecuted, you will feel miserable.  Many people have less, yet have more joy in living a simple life. The first step then is to realize you have problems. Of course you need to address them, but dwelling on the negatives will only create misery.

Happiness Can Only be Enjoyed in the Present Moment

One of the reasons why so many are miserable is because they always look and hope for a better future, a future time when they feel they can really be happy. Unfortunately,  the future is uncertain. You can work for a better future, but you can’t base your happiness on it.  You can only live in the present moment. The present moment provides you with all the happiness you could desire. How often do you take time to smell a beautiful rose or watch the multitude of stars twinkling in a clear night sky? Happiness can be found in the small things. It’s found in the special favor your spouse does for you. It’s found in the fact that you are a living being with a vast potential ahead of you. It’s found in being thankful that you don’t live in the major trouble spots of the world where people must live through wars, famines and earthquakes.

Happiness Comes from Doing Something for Someone Else Without Compensation

Generosity is a lacking quality for many people. In their mad pursuit for wealth, fame and power, they forget that they are a part of the world. They forget that their blessings do not belong to them. Since they are unwilling to share some of their wealth, they find no joy in their selfishness. Mother Theresa cared for the poor in Calcutta for decades as she enjoyed being among them and provided them with joy knowing that someone cared enough to address their needs. But you don’t have to be poor to do good. Whether your gestures of kindness runs from a simple honest compliment or donating thousands of dollars to charity, you can find joy in the fact that you are doing something to help ease suffering.

Happiness Depends on Activity

To be happy you need to be active. No one can find joy lounging on the sofa all day without making any kind of contribution to society or increasing their self-worth. Reaching the goal is not as important as being in the process of actively taking the steps necessary to reach the goal. In other words, you build more confidence and self-esteem when you are working toward something you desire. It’s the activity you put forth that brings happiness as you know in your heart that your are doing something that gives your life meaning and provides excitement.

Your share of happiness depends on what you do and how you look at life, positive or negative. Dispel the notion that you need great wealth to be happy. Concentrate on the here and now. This moment is all you have so enjoy it because you may not be alive tomorrow.

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