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Using an old Computer

Despite continuous improvements in computers, there are people who insist on using old computers to do the work on new computers just to get frustrated. To use an old computer you need to consider some variables.

1. The processor needs to be in shape. If the processor you are using is inferior to the pentium 4 there is a high chance you will not be able to run the latest operating systems. Old processors are very slow to perform the same task because of the number of instructions each one is able to manage per second. These processors will run any type of software but computer maintenance will be so slow you will run out of patience before the dawn. If your computer is an AMD this will be even worse because they are the slower cheaper machines.

2. Less than 1 GB of RAM will take you nowhere today. To keep your computer working you need to have at last 2 GB of RAM and this is not enough for Windows Vist, only for Windows Xp. This is because Windows Vista uses so many useful resources for useless tasks that it leave you nothing to do serious work. Windows Xp does everything that Vista and 7 do but at a faster speed. If you have less than 1 GB of RAM you will not be able to work at all on the internet. Upgrade your system RAM as soon as possible.

3. The hard disk is the most important component because it is where all information is saved. If your hard disk is older than five years it is very prone to fail and if the hard disk is older than ten years do not even trust it! It can fail anytime! Install a new hard drive with the latest operating system to enjoy peace of mind while you work. New drives are faster, more stable and have less chances of failing and are ideal to save huge amounts of data such as computer games and videos you download from the internet.

Old computers are only suitable for simple tasks such as text writing and email checking. For more complicated tasks they are not to be trusted. They are just too slow to work properly, unless you like waiting but I am sure your boss does not like to wait nor do the clients you work for. Upgrade also the mother board to have a more stable system.

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