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What are Ebooks

Electronic books-or ebooks for short-are just regular books in digital form. However, they can offer a much richer experience. Just as you can interact with Web pages online, ebooks may integrate links, pictures, video and sound. It depends on each ebook’s particular multimedia configuration and the capabilities of the electronic reader you use. Thus, ebooks offer many benefits compared with traditional books.

Benefits of ebooks

– Ebooks cost less than regular paperback books. You may pay up to 90 percent less for an ebook compared with the price of its paperback edition. Even more, you can find thousands of free fiction and non-fiction ebooks online ready to download.

– An ebook may integrate animation, pictures, graphics, video, narration, sound effects, and hyperlinks to resources you can use to further explore the topics developed throughout the book, much like a Web page over the Internet.

– When you buy a traditional book, usually you go to one of your local bookstores, or place an order through the mail or phone. However, when you buy an ebook online you can start reading it in minutes after completing your order.

– Another advantage of ebooks is the ease with which you can search through them. You can search your entire ebook for keywords or topics and find what you are looking for in seconds. Performing the same search through a regular book can take you minutes.

– Once you load your ebook on the screen of your reader, you can tweak the ebook’s page. It much depends on the device you are using. However, with most electronic readers you can adjust the font size and screen light to adapt the page to your specific needs.

– Even more, you don’t need to dedicate a specific space in your home for all your books. You can have hundreds of ebooks stored right in your computer or reading device. You’re only limited by the hardware’s storing capacity.

– And this means you can take all your books with you wherever you go, whether you store them in a CD, your laptop, ebook reader or iPad. You can read any of your ebooks while waiting in line in the grocery store or while on vacation.

– Do you need a hard copy of the material? You have the option of printing out one, several pages, or the entire book using your home printer.

If you enjoy reading and want to start experiencing the benefits ebooks have to offer, begin by downloading free ebooks online. Project Gutenberg is a popular site. You can download and enjoy hundreds of classic titles-fiction and non-fiction-like The Divine Comedy, Ulysses, Peter Pan, The Republic, Dracula, and The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. Or head over to your favorite bookstore online and buy digital books from your favorite authors.

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