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What everyone should know about sodium

The negative effects of excessive salt in the body can be life threatening over a long period of time. The body still needs a balance of sodium to survive. Those living with a salt problem should get on a balanced diet with more potassium rich foods and stick to it. Don’t use the preservative laden junk foods, just because there easy. Our bodies were designed to operate best and longer on a balance of the right properly cooked foods.

The body will start shutting down when sodium levels in the blood get low, at 115 very serious changes start happening. Readings of 135-145 are considered normal. The person with low sodium might be having a typical day and when he starts to get up from a chair his legs collapse. He could be on the floor without the ability to get up, emergency care should be gotten immediately.

Doctors have a long list of things that can cause low sodium levels in your blood. Emergency room doctors don’t get many low sodium cases. They might spend a lot of time checking for everything but low sodium. The right lab work has to be ordered or low sodium might go undetected.  A person might even go without being diagnosed and be sent home, that could be very bad.

Depending on the severity of your low sodium condition you might spend a week to ten days in the hospital on IV drip and receiving electrolytes. If it is a serious case Cerebral Edema might have you confused to the point  you have no idea where you are at. If seizures or coma are imminent your in serious trouble. Fear might have you wondering what is happening to you because you might not have the strength to walk or even turn over in bed. Pneumonia can set in prolonging your recovery.

Doctors still have a problem determining what causes most low sodium conditions. Drinking huge amounts of water, water intoxication, is the most common cause. Doctor still put people on low sodium diets to fight high blood pressure without telling them about the dangers of low sodium in the blood. Serious low blood sodium is common in older adults, especially those who are hospitalized or living in long-term care facilities. When you talk to people about it they usually know someone who went to the hospital with it, or died from low sodium.

Low sodium or hyponatremia is serious enough to warrant a lot more warning from the medical community. Excessive salt use is like poison to the human body but it has to have the right amount.

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