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Where would we be without our blackberries or those other technological gadgetries that have not only simplified our lives, but also have brought innovated changes to the way we once viewed the world?

In our technologically-saturated culture, we would be at a loss as to what to do if it weren’t for those technological marvels that is so easily slipped into our briefcases each day before we report to the office; or, placed at a ready position besides our PC’s before logging into our websites.

It would appear that this technological craze that we have ventured upon have caused us to negate those basic, human values that we once held so dearly.

So, how can we go back to those real (or, cherish) values without abrogating the simplicity that those technological gadgets have wrought?

In a speech at the 28th convocation of Sri Sathya Sai University (India), noted Indian author and spiritual guru said, “that the real purpose of education is served, when the needy are helped and the society gets the benefit.” He further exerts “love is all powerful and with it the world can be won . . . one should remember that education without values serves none and good conduct is far more valuable than wealth.” (http://sathyasaibaba.wordpress/2009/11/23/education-without-values-serves-none-baba

Yet, to paraphrase notable quotes of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Puttaparthi, two leading intellectual thinkers in Indian society, “higher education” (beginning with secondary education, of course) should not be pursued with intentions of wealth accumulation and acquiring power, but out of a “selfless service to society . . . Education without values serves none.”

But alas, Indian society is far from perfect, even if you are a deeply religious yet devout person in that culture albeit society, then you are met with obvious restrictions as to how far you can go in practicing your faith.

Furthermore, the many political factions and/or regimes that have risen up to overthrow various Indian governments are positive proof and a testament to the imperfectability of Indian society.

So when will technological innovation end and can we go back to those real (or cherish) values? Hopefully, technological innovation will not end, but will continue to be a beacon of light in making the world that “global village” envisioned by McLuhan in the 1960’s. We can sit in the comfort of our livingrooms and talk to our business associates or clients via the internet; furthermore, we can send direct messages via our cell phones and blackberries further ensuring the viability of modern technology and yet retaining those cherish values that we grew up with.

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